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Julie And Gavin Atkin Cd Out In Time For Christmas

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Available in time for Christmas!


The nostalgia-laden new CD featuring Julie Atkin singing old fashioned songs accompanied by Gavin Atkin (Jeffries duet concertina and melodeon) is available to order now from: www.redadmiralrecords.com


There's a track listing at the Red Admiral site, so I won't trouble you with it here - but I will say that with 19 tracks, mostly with concertina, it's a bargain!
It will also be on iTunes and Amazon from the 6th December.
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Got my copy today. If you like songs such as A nightingale sang in Berkeley square, Nobody knows you when you're down and out, or Sentimental journey, I can really recommend this. Super singing and sensitive accompaniments on melodeon & Jeffries duet concertina.


- John Wild

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I too can recommend this CD ,at last I have managed to sit down and listen to it,with a number of personal problems to sort out.

I have followed Julie and Gavin's progress almost from the time they got together and this CD gave me no surprises as I have heard almost all the songs performed live.

Julie has an immaculate voice with clear vocals that are easy to listen to and of course join in with.I cannot stop whistling ,or singing some of these tunes long after I turn off the CD. Some of my favourites include "Sentimental journey,Georgia,Aint Misbehaving,Two sleepy people and the list goes on.Certainly a walk down memory lane.

Gavin accompanies Julie on his Jeffries Duet (not the easiest of instruments) and melodion.He is a superb musician and has a very unusual staccato style of accompaniment.He is almost playing the duet like an anglo,which does not surprise me as many anglo players try to emulate the duet and english and duet and english players players the anglo.

Julie is new to Folk music ,but I look forward to her dipping her toes into the Folk scene and certainly a future folk song CD from Julie I very much look forward to.

Well done for this CD.

Al :)

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