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Vintage Bone Buttons For Sale On Ebay

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I could be wrong, but it looks like these have been overcleaned and have lost not only their patina but possibly their structure too. I have several concertinas with bone buttons that looked like they could benefit from a good cleaning, but I never have wanted to risk any damage. So I left them alone and they play fine.


Just saying...


Ross Schlabach

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Ross, There are other threads here that deal with bone, its properties and cleaning carefully without damaging integrity. Unless you clean with over-harsh chemicals, I wouldn't be too worried about bone structure.


Old Nickilby, I'm not Scottish (I just live there), but I still try not to overpay. I don't know where the £1.80 per button and the £2.50 postage came from but according to sandylaneman's site, postage is free. at €14.00=£11.65, that's £2.33 per button - which is still 17p cheaper per button than someone else charges, not including postage charge of £2.50 for a small order.


If I only need a few buttons maybe you'll sell me some for less (or even give them to me?) or are you trying to hoard them until they're so rare that then you can really clean up?


Alex West

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