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Hohner C48 - English Concertina


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I am selling a Hohner C48 2 x 24 button english concertina - rarely played.

As I hardly find the time to play this english concertina, it searches a good house where it will be played and not just be stored in its gig bag.



Wooden ends - A suitable beginners instrument

It is in concert pitch, it has 48 white keys - playing smoothly and sounding okay on push and pull. It has an air release key. The bellows is air tight.

The condition is very good - like it just left the factory, the Hohner gig bag is included


Shop price is 400 UK pounds. Asking 200 pounds. PM me if you want pictures or if you're interested to buy



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I‘d say yes - however am replying rather to note that every bellows is basically made of cardboard, with leather just being added (in order to enhance flexibility and airtightness and provide durability, I reckon).


The „Hohner“ branded instruments have in fact the leather replaced with some poorer material, possibly thinner layers of paper.


Best wishes - 🐺

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