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  1. Hello, I found a post long ago in a search. Is this a concertina for this model? The bellows are not leather, like a paper. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/hohner-concertina-c48-276900634
  2. Thanks, The product presented is for use at the top of the water crew handle. On other sites it was W3 / 16. I never thought I could use it like that. https://amzn.to/32YPfZy Too many pieces. ..
  3. I have a question about Strap screws and their female threads. Are they common ones available at DIY stores in the UK? https://concertina-spares.com/product/straps-screws/?v=3a52f3c22ed6 It seems that there is only one type in Japan, just because of the difference in screw diameter. https://www.yodobashi.com/product/100000001003884721/
  4. Hello I found the treble English concertina that at Wheatstone Ledgers. The ledger says "brass bound" and I didn't understand the meaning. And I found a this post of "brass bound" Here. I will post a picture of the instrument.
  5. It's interesting that about 100 years ago, an advertiser or someone ordered the English Concertina to draw an illustration upside down and put up an ad.
  6. Is fish glue so popular that it's easy to get? In Japan, it was only sold at art supplies stores.
  7. This bellows is designed with sharp apex corners. In that case, I found that the leather tape could not be folded smoothly. Looking at Alex Holden's production process, the corners of the bellows apex are rounded. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEmL7LqjZTL/ Therefore, I tried to stretch and bind the leather tape as much as possible. As a result, I managed to make the crease flaps small enough to make them inconspicuous.
  8. Hello I found a cheap class of "SCARLATTI" English concertinas on ebay. The bellows look like leather, thumb strap like Trinity, End looks like Stagi. I've never seen that. https://www.ebay.com/itm/294293331279
  9. Hi, You are write about those concertinas, maybe. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=trinity+college+concertina&dc&ref=a9_sc_1 It depends on how you make the bellows. The only important thing in a concertina like trinity is the airtightness of the gusset. Because the cardboard on one side of the bellows is all connected. I recently found that all the parts (except the gusset) on the surface of the bellows made in such a way are decorations. That surface are used book binding tape. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=book+binding+tape&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 However, it seems that concertinas like trinity have a gusset made of synthetic leather, so I think it will deteriorate over time and hole. (I haven't actually confirmed it). I'm trying repair(replace) 4 Trinity like English concertinas this year. https://concertina.pinefield.asia/gusset-repairs-synthetic-leather-concertina-bellows/#index_id7 Traditional concertina bellows are made by cutting a trapezoid from cardboard, facing it, and connecting it in the shape of a butterfly with linen and leather. Therefore, the airtightness of the connection part is required.
  10. Thank you very detailed advice!! I'm using goat leather tape, skived 0.2-0.3mm 20mm wide. I cut the tape by myself, just along the direction from the head to the tail, so stretching differs depending on the part. I need practice of this procedure, so I now make practicing bellows by stagi method. that use children's handmade workshop cardboard.
  11. Hello I'm trying replace the synthetic leather gusset for some concertinas. That is success, but I don't like the finish of the bellows apex. That model is like traditional Wheatstone, Lachenal, other modern concertina makers. These instruments have leather tape glued to the bellows in a smooth circular motion. I first modeled was Stagi, which simply folded in leather tape flap, I repaired for the first time. The second time I opened flaps in two and folded it. I use 20mm wide leather tape. How to smooth the apex of the bellows?
  12. Hi You can buy Muji boston bag and Pelican iM2075 Storm Case(Amazon or something, the topic will wrote on this forum.), the others cannot buy it. https://concertina.pinefield.asia/concertina-cases-products/#index_id2 https://concertina.pinefield.asia/concertina-cases-products/#index_id7 Backpack can buy Amazon or Tokyu Hands in Japan.
  13. Hi It's "Saya-gata" in Japanese. Based on black, painted gold. https://www.kaminoondo.co.jp/store/middle/25/search/紗綾形/ This product is kind of Japanese-paper, "Yu-zen-shi, also Kan-shi" Details of shapes http://www.aisf.or.jp/~jaanus/deta/s/sayagata.htm
  14. When I went from Japan to England and Scotland in 2019, I put three concertinas in my backpack and brought them on board. https://concertina.pinefield.asia/concertina-cases-products/ However, the backpack only fits three concertinas and one night's change of clothes. The trunk of the international flight is large, so I can put it in with my backpack. However, the trunk of the domestic flight (flybe) used when departing from Glasgow was small. I had to unpack it and put it in pieces. There are cases where expensive musical instruments are confiscated at customs. You need to keep that in mind. I went without doing anything such as customs declaration, but I think that is the biggest concern. https://www.bunka.go.jp/seisaku/kokusaibunka/gakki_zeikankensa.html By the way, is flybe going bankrupt and is the line in operation now?
  15. My friend found Wayback machine website https://web.archive.org/web/20000915082926/http://hmi.homewood.net/norman/
  16. This concertina label is "Homewood Music", but made by AC Norman?
  17. Hello, When you cut leather, do you consider the part of body and the direction of cutting? If so, what are you doing? Generally, the back side is hard and the abdomen to the legs are soft. As for the direction, it's said that it don't stretch vertically from the head to the buttocks, but stretches horizontally. ex. Leather stretch area https://howtoshoes.blogspot.com/2014/05/basic-of-shoes-leather-upper.html
  18. Thanks comment, I found the comment fish glue is good at YouTube. https://bit.ly/3mnITqH I thought that the fish glue is better because it can warm the water and remove the parts. Easy to repair.
  19. Hello, I’m finding Fiebing's Leathercraft Cement in Japan leather craft shop, that is’nt available. So I’ll try similar glue, Please let me know if you know what the Fiebing’s glue material is. https://fiebing.com/product/leather-craft-cement/
  20. Hahaha!😆 Some concertina players says, I have to go buy milk, we think they make bellows jigs😆. Sheep or goat jumping to the stand and becomes a bellows parts☠️. The ratchet wasn't designed from the beginning, it happened to be like this. Thank you!
  21. I made a bellows jig by packing an empty milk pack with newspaper. Stainless steel pipe in the center. One side width is 60 mm. It fits perfectly in Stagi / Trinity College /maybe Swan, Lochele Trinity College / Maybe the Swan has the problem of melting gussets over time ... a jig for that. *duplicate post on Facebook
  22. The files that yours have attached are very useful for beginners when buying an first Concertina and when personal buying and selling to get to know each other !
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