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Some Photos From The Northeast Squeeze-in

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Thanks for all the hard work taking and posting these photos.

Wish we had one of you.

I have a pic of Robin playing his concertina -- I think it was Sunday morning. It is on page....3? of my 'gallery,' the next to the last pic. If it's not on 3, it's on 2.


I already posted this link and info, but, just in case you missed a few people, here it is again:http://pbase.com/geranimom/nesipics


You must use the case-sensitive PASSWORD: NESIpics


....when prompted for it.


I tried, but I can't post the pic here in the forum.


The photos in the gallery may be copied, shared, etc., if you wish. I just don't make all my albums public at the photo site, that's all, and that's why there's the password. No big deal!

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Animaterra playing her Jeffries

Referring to the concertina "face" thread on this forum: there is nothing wrong with this face! ;) .

But... maybe it is time to start a thread about concertina-feet??? :lol:


BTW: thanks to you all for sharing the stories and pictures of the NESI. I really enjoy to see all those C.Netters (that I knew only by name) having fun together!

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