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Some Photos From The Northeast Squeeze-in

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This last photo of Ken Sweeny shows his finger technique quite nicely. His right thumb in the thumb strap presses down hard onto his knee. This frees up all four fingers for the buttons on that side. On the left side he squeezes between his left thumb and both little and ring fingers in the support. This leaves only two fingers for the buttons on that side.

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Here's a list (in order) of that Saturday night's concert performances which'll help folks associate which people with which photos here.


At some point I'll get a review of the event together up on our NESI page. This year RD has graciously agreed to do it! Go RD!


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Thanks for all the hard work taking and posting these photos.

Wish we had one of you.

Maybe next year you can figure out how to do a self portrait while playing, or even better yet, I'll volunteer to take a photo of you.

Thanks for all of your efforts and it was great meeting you.

As a former photographer I decided to sit this event out and now I kind of regret it, but next year...................

Perry Werner

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