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Trying To Contact Mike Acott

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Hi there.

I live in Ipswich, UK and have had discussions with Mike in the past as well as seeing him at Melodions and More. I have a Lachenal Anglo that has a small problem and I was hoping that Mike might be able to fix it - he is only a couple of miles away. However, I am getting not-recognised on his phone number - 01473 743080. I don't really want to turn up on his door step unannounced, especially as he may have moved a way.


Does anyone have a current telephone number or e-mail address for him?


Thanks in advance.



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Mike has recently moved. I understand he is still getting the new house in order - including having a new workshop built. I got his new phone number from Chris Algar. I phoned him last week and had an amiable conversation. In terms of taking on new repair work he asked me to call back in a few weeks. That means the end of next week. I am not sure if he wants his new phone number to go public yet, so a will refrain from quoting it here until he has said it is OK.





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Hello folks, Long haired Dave in particular


realising this thread is over a year old, but I recently went to Mendlesham with an ancient Lachemal that I was gifted more than 30 years back - various people suggested I ask Mike to help out with a couple of sticking buttons (I'm from Woodbridge) ... please would you be able to pass on his contact details to me, back channel? wilks.martin@gmail.com


hopeful thanks



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