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Gorgeous 1917 Aeola Tenor/treble For Sale

david robertson

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I'm offering this newly restored TT here for a week or two before it has to take its chances on eBay.

Restoration has included new pads, valves, dampers and bushes, and new thumb and wrist straps. The woodwork has been stripped and French polished, the bellows have been re-bound, and the instrument has been tuned to modern concert pitch. It's loud and quick, even down at the bottom end. Finally, it comes with its original, though somewhat battered case.

Top maker, top model, top period - what's not to like? If you're within reach of Norwich, do come and have a squeeze. Otherwise, please ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. I'm asking £3750.



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Is this instrument still or sale? Who was the manufacturer?



An old concertina with 8 sides? It's an Aeola which is an absolutely tip-top Wheatstone. The best they made, and if you ask me they made the best full stop.
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It's still sitting on the shelf here. My old friend Sarah Morgan came to visit a couple of weeks ago, and was deeply smitten with it. I always thought it would be a cracking player, and hearing it in her hands confirmed it. (I abuse an Anglo rather than play the English.) However, I realise that in these straitened times, we all have to adjust our expectations a bit, so I'm now offering it at the Spring Sale price of £3500. If there's anything else I can tell you about it, please ask.

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