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Festive Interloper

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Thanks to Irene S for the photo, and Alistair Gillies for the sculpture...(He plays sax actually, but don't hold that against him!)


I wish I could claim the photo ... but all I did was crop it and tidy it up ... wasn't it your work to start with? ;)

Glad to be of assistance though ... and Happy Chrimbo (even if a couple of days late - after all it's still within the Twelve Days of , isn't it? )

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You've got to the 6th when the kings show up.




They've just entered the room, One had to go back to get the grappling hooks to make the climb to the mantlepiece. And thinking about it, after all the barn dances I've played over the years, a stable is P*** easy! (rubbish fee though!)

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