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Lachenal Serial No. 74298

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Unfortunately, you are gravitating very far astray with the estimation of the year of manufacture of your Lachenal Anglo concertina. The problem is with the so-called "confirmed" information in the Meredith piece at concertina.net.


No. 74298 simply is not a serial number that is consistent with manufacture in the 1890s.


Your concertina was probably made in the 1880s--maybe the early-to-mid-1880s.


From the time of Elizebeth Lachenal's sale of the company under the name Louis Lachenal (circa 1873; henceforth, Lachenal & Co.) to the mid-1890s, Lachenal & Co. appears to have made over 100,000 Anglo concertinas (on the assumption that they used all or most of the sequential numbers in the Anglo serial number set). By the mid-1890s, the serial numbers of new Lachenal Anglo concertinas were above 140,000--nearly double your No. 74298.


More precise dating estimation to follow in the future.

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