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Teachers seeking students

Tom Rhoads

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I'll start...


I've just moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. I play anglo concertina and I would be happy to find students.


I've been playing concertina since 2000. My focus has been on traditional dance tunes - mainly Irish (I attended Noel Hill's Midwest week a while back), but also American, Playford and other sources. In addition, I do song accompaniments, somewhat after the style of John Roberts.


I've performed professionally (mainly as a singer and guitarist) since the early '90s. I have a B.A. in music, a good command of theory, and a broad base of knowledge on which to draw (especially about folk music). I emphasize the importance of rhythm and feel, ergonomics, and ensemble skills.


In addition to concertina, I can teach mountain dulcimer, guitar and (for beginners) bass guitar.


Please send me a private message if you're interested, or call my Google Voice line: (+1) 410-793-1652.


I hope I won't be the only one to post in this topic! I'd really like to see who else does this, and even teachers never stop learning.




Tom Rhoads

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Good idea!


My name is Christian Stevens. I teach C/G Anglo Concertina, Button Accordion (B/C & C#/D), and 1 row melodeon, all in the Irish Style. I'm based in Portland, ME and teach throughout New England.




The Galway Rambler:



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I think that the purported teachers should post videos of their playing. The clips won't necessarily entail that they they are good teachers.. but a good player is more likely than not to be a good teacher.

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I am in the Washington, DC area. I play and teach the English Concertina. Attached is a youtube of an arrangement of the Godfather Waltz by Nina Rota. I have been playing and teaching for over 35 years. I prefer students who have can read music.

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