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Not being very computer savvy, I have had to rely on my kids to update my website www.concertinas.ca . Finally, I now have two new pictures on the main page. One is a natural oak Celtic Lion and the other is my Traditional design wooden-ended model.

Also, I have a very interesting link on my "Testamonials" and "Links" pages to Tom Lawrence's website dedicated to his recently received "Edgley" A/E concertina. He has some neat pictures and quite a bit of his own impressive playing of the A/E on the site. Check it out on www.concertinas.ca . Thanks, Tom!!! :D

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Frank, Ken, Tom,

thank you all.

Frank for making this beautiful instrument and ionfroming, Tom for editing this geat report and nintersting muscial Audio files, Ken for making it easy and quick to arrive to the pages.


What a visual and accoustic pleasure.




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