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Found 9 results

  1. Picked this up cheap recently, and opened it up to check on the rubber gaskets holding the keys to the levers, but turns out there's no such thing on this model and the butons are riveted to the levers. It plays pretty well as-is, decently in tune, just needs new straps, so I put it up on the Sales section as-is to be inexpensive for a novice who wants to do sea shanties or whatnot.
  2. I'm looking into ordering a (accordion style) reed set for a 30 key C/G anglo build I have under work. I have an "early" Rochelle at the moment and through the build I hope I will get at least a smaller and lighter instrument. Aiming for an upgrade in the playability as well. Buying a better instrument unfortunately is not an option at the moment as money is scarce. Looking through the forum posts it seems several people have ordered reed sets from Harmonikas. I would appreciate any shared insight into ordering specifics (e.q. how did you specify the set) and price differences between sets (A mano professional, Tipo a mano & export dural). Also how am I supposed to read the plate dimensions (sortiment sizes pdf)? I'm not familiar with reed combinations used in accordions, so would the dimensions be different for reed-combinations specific for a concertina? Or would you happen to have them for a 30k c/g set? I'd like to start working on (drawing and machining) the reedpans as my access to a cnc milling tool is limited and in worst case any workshop access might come to an abrupt end. I'm aware it's not the ideal order of doing things but ah so it go.
  3. Long time lurker here, hope to post more in the future. I've been playing a C/G hybrid for about a year now and have come to the tentative conclusion that for my primary use case (Morris), I'd be better off with a G/D since I want to be able to play harmonies and chords with other morris musicians. I've gotten to a point where it's easy enough to play our repertoire tunes in C or F harmonically, but if I stay in G my options are much more limited and I tend to end up playing melody only, which isn't terribly interesting for me. Opinions on this conclusion are welcome, of course, but onto the main question: Sometimes I'll see a used G/D for sale, but half the time it's got a Jeffries layout. I'm much more comfortable with Wheatstone, but I don't want to always be passing up a good deal if it would be easy/affordable to have it converted. So... would it be? I'm mainly talking about hybrids here since they're affordable and readily available; I understand the reed pans are a different beast from those in "nice" concertinas. But since I also want to invest in a nice one at some point, the question applies there, too. Much obliged for any advice from all you sages on the forum. Luke
  4. After a lot of reading stuff on these forums, and looking at a lot of hybrid instruments on the internet, I'm strangely attracted to the Marcus Music 30-button Hybrid Anglo for my second instrument. Does anyone have any experience with Marcus instruments - they look good on the website, and the Marcus staff have answered a lot of questions from me about the instruments. I am considering a G/D 30-button instrument. Any reason why not (I have a restored 20-button C/G Lachenal at the moment)? Thank you. Roger Hare
  5. I've decided to sell my 45-key Morse Geordie Tenor English hybrid-style (accordion-reeded) concertina, after finally deciding to use my limited free time to concentrate on my stringed instruments. Manufactured in 2011, I bought this concertina from its original owner who apparently didn't use it much in the summer of 2013. Since then it has been gently used several times a week and always in my smoke-free home. As a result, it is in like new condition with no damage to the bellows, woodwork or reeds. It is in tune across the full range. Here's the information about the Geordie from the Morse website http://www.buttonbox.com/morse-geordie.html I've been most impressed by the very fast and responsive action, the quality of the reeds, especially those booming low notes and the extremely light weight considering the size (7" across the flats). It comes very well protected in the original hard case. A very impressive instrument in every respect that deserves to be played more. I'm reducing my price to £1,400 or the equivalent in euros, as I'd really prefer to sell on this forum rather than Ebay, although that's what I'll have to do if there's still no interest here. This price includes insured postage from France within Europe. If it is shipped further afield, I'll pay half the postage & insurance although buyers outside Europe will be responsible for paying any VAT and/or import duties that may be due. I'll make a contribution to Cnet if I sell it here. Please PM me if you'd like any more information. Now on hold as of 14/12/2015 - NOW SOLD Thanks for reading. Dean
  6. Still working down here in Colombia, though contracts slower to become profitable than I'd like, so haven't yet jumped on my clever ideas to take advantage of low-low labor costs down here to get some cool stuff done. One idea I have is to find a local accordion technician, and get him to make me a basic hybrid concertina. For ease of an accordionist building it, simplicity of design, and also because I like it, my current vision is to have him build me a Wheatstone Duett, but hybrid and in Hayden layout: It's smaller than the usual (though will have to scale-up size to fit hybrid reeds), minimal angles and curves, looks to be a pretty simple action to adapt to using stock accordion levers/springs, etc. Plus I've always loved the look of the little things, and I'm fine having a more limited instrument if it means I can have less-expensive and durable small instrument for travel. Does this sound like a broadly-reasonable idea? My impression is that most accordion techs in Colombia work on Hohners, don't know how common building from scratch is. But if I can find a guy who's repaired/fabricated actions and boards, knows reed settup of course, and has decent woodworking skills, might this be feasible? I don't know if such a tech makes his own bellows, but if somehow he doesn't, perhaps I can get the smallest rectangular off-the-shelf bellows we can source and build around those dimensions. Any of you concertina builders/repairers/enthusiasts have any input on the feasibility of this? If doable, what would I have to explain to an accordion tech about (hybrid) concertinas that might not otherwise be intuitive to him?
  7. Hi C-net, I'm crossposting this notice I just put up on eBay for my Tedrow 40-button G/D Anglo hybrid, with Wheatstone layout. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about it---I can respond here or over at eBay. Thank you! Steven http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tedrow-40-button-G-D-Hybrid-Anglo-Concertina-/231357838884? Here's a little video of me playing it. (Also posted on the eBay listing.)
  8. This novel design was mentioned in the "Makers" thread with some speculation, so I figured it best to just contact the maker directly. Here's his reply which he consented to have posted on Cnet: He sent a lot more detailed pics as while as a flyer (attached to this thread as a file). If you need the more detailed internal pics, fretwork, etc. you can PM me, or just get in contact with Stéphane: http://www.accordeons-du-marais.com/ His shop is in Fontenay-Le-Comte, an hour south of Nantes, if we happen to have any members in the greater Bretagne/Breizh region who can give us a hands-on report. Prospectus Mélodina.pdf
  9. I started out on an CC Elise Duet, got a Morse Beaumont, and now am both on Wakker's waitlist for a trad-reeded Hayden and also playing around with a vintage Crane. Still pondering out how I feel about the leap to trad reeds, whether by getting the Wakker or by getting more seriously into a vintage Crane. I notice the Morse instruments are pretty popular overall, even amongst the players who can/do own trad-reed instruments. Do some folks find the Morses as good as or better than trad-reed for some purposes? Do you keep a Morse around so you aren't risking your "nice" ones, or because it's more reliable/durable, just for a change of pace, or because on some level you find it "better" than other options? Has anyone tried both hybrid and trad and come to the conclusion that you're just happier with a Morse?
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