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  1. Ah, I'm sorry. I repeated the notation used in the two resources (Sized and Range of Reeds) provided by Harmonikas, the same two I used to come up with the table.
  2. Could someone perhaps confirm that I have interpreted Harmonikas' website information correctly?
  3. I'm looking into ordering a (accordion style) reed set for a 30 key C/G anglo build I have under work. I have an "early" Rochelle at the moment and through the build I hope I will get at least a smaller and lighter instrument. Aiming for an upgrade in the playability as well. Buying a better instrument unfortunately is not an option at the moment as money is scarce. Looking through the forum posts it seems several people have ordered reed sets from Harmonikas. I would appreciate any shared insight into ordering specifics (e.q. how did you specify the set) and price differences between sets (A mano professional, Tipo a mano & export dural). Also how am I supposed to read the plate dimensions (sortiment sizes pdf)? I'm not familiar with reed combinations used in accordions, so would the dimensions be different for reed-combinations specific for a concertina? Or would you happen to have them for a 30k c/g set? I'd like to start working on (drawing and machining) the reedpans as my access to a cnc milling tool is limited and in worst case any workshop access might come to an abrupt end. I'm aware it's not the ideal order of doing things but ah so it go.
  4. Here's two concertinas I revamped, the Rochelle for myself and the clone for a friend. They both have upcycled bellows from scrap leather jacket, on the clone I used an old belt for the straps as well. Learning by doing. Wren (or a clone) 1st gen(?) Rochelle
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