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  1. The whole point of requiring the Wheatstone version is that the C octave is duplicated in the right hand. But thanks anyway. 71 buttons is way too big for a youngster especially one with small hands. 61 key would be tops, but ideally a 58 key would do the job. Thanks for the replies.
  2. Hi, yet again one of my beginners, having played my loan instrument to destruction - needs to buy her own. Well strictly, her Dad's going to buy her an instrument for her 18th birthday which is imminent. Not content to keep squeezing away on a 46 button Lachenal, the gifted child wants a Wheatstone of 55 keys plus. Can anyone out there help?
  3. Thanks guys, I'll pass all this on to my student and see what she thinks.
  4. I've got two friends who foolishly decided they'd like to play concertina. So I lent them my spare 46 key. The older of them was playing for dance after three weeks whilst her daughter is, apparently, even better! So they're in need of something of their own. They're not 'folkies' particularly and so have few, if any channels of action other than Ebay. If anyone thinks they can supply something playable at a reasonable price I'd love to pass the info on to my star students. Thanks.
  5. I saw it and have to confess it doesn't look like a Wheatstone end to me. The strap attachment looks like a Lachenal, I guess it might have Wheatstone innards but I really don't get how you can tell from the pictures (one very blurry) provided. Looks dodgy to me.
  6. Are you having the buttons handmade in 22-carat gold? And are the bellows to be made from the skin of the unborn ocelot? That does seem a high price - if the reeds and pans are pristine then the rest must be pretty good too. (David, are we too cheap?) I can only conclude that you're getting your restoration done by a very expensive restorer. I have had four concertinas restored over the years and still have to find a restoration which tops £500. If your reeds are good then its nearly a DIY job, even if you had to have a new set of bellows handmade to order you'd stil have loads of change out of a £1000. Find another restorer!
  7. hi Stefan, Just an observation here. When I started playing the MacCann system I had been playing a G/D melodeon with the thirds removed from the basses. Now this is common practice among melodeon players because it frees up the left hand end of the instrument. So, when, like you I wanted to play left hand chords on my MacCann, I worked out what two note chords fitted most easily under my fingers. This meant that I could then add the additional note in either hand creating a style which relies heavily on suspended chordal playing but which meant that I could accompany my songs fairly easily. I stayed clear of chord charts for this reason. They are only another person's take on what works for them. I tend to play the melody in the right hand but, having learned on a 46 key I notice that speed and precision are easier on that instrument than on my 58 key Wheatstone which is bigger and heavier and more difficult to play standing. If playing for dance I suspect that the 46 key is much better whilst for more orchestral stuff 58 keys and above seem to be the way to go.
  8. I just bought a Lowepro Nova 180 camera bag for my Wheatstone 58 key MacCann. It fits pretty perfectly and allows sufficient space to hold some cds and odds and ends in the other pockets. Feels almost custom made.
  9. I think the equation is; MacCann / counter-intuitive = Logic It makes perfect sense to me, as long as I don't have to explain it to anyone.
  10. A couple of observations; Firstly, the sale of Maccann duets on EBay isn't a lot of use in discerning how many players of the system there are. I own two but only play one at a time (multiple ownership is fairly typical I would have thought?) Secondly, there are a number of people who are registered on the Maccann players site who are 'interested observers but who don't actually play the system. Thirdly, there are a significant number (given the world population of Maccann concertinas, aeolas etc.) sitting awaiting an owner in dealers and retailers shops as well as those in collections. This again gives absolutely no indication as to how many players there are. But…it does perhaps, point to the need to evangelise a bit? If only to liberate 'captive' instruments languishing on shelves.
  11. I'm a bit worried about the 'seriously strange' (how is that different to 'frivolously strange by the way?) But find it astonishing that we're talking less than 100 players in a world population of 7 billion (or thereabouts). I just wondered whether you'd got John Horsey of Sheffield on your list? Happy New Year.
  12. Excellent! ... Congratulations! I'm sure you'll be very happy together! So I guess it's Party Time! Cheers, Dick Thanks for the partoon! :-) cheers Paul
  13. Thanks Nick - I'm about to go out to look at a 57 key but might get back to you later. Yes, I'm the senior Davenport, have we met? cheers, Paul I think we may have been in a couple of sessions together, I'm a mate of Gav's that's why I recognised your username. Good luck with the 57 key, and let me know if you want any more info on my one. Nick I think we were playing together at the AFO in the evening? I've managed to acquire a concertina to my delight. All is good. Paul
  14. That's a great idea too Dick, many thanks for the kind thoughts and support. However, of this afternoon I am the proud guardian of a Wheatstone 57 key duet. So, Christmas may now commence. best wishes, Paul
  15. Thanks Nick - I'm about to go out to look at a 57 key but might get back to you later. Yes, I'm the senior Davenport, have we met? cheers, Paul
  16. And you're aware that on a 55-key the low note in the right hand will almost certainly be G above middle C, yes? Yes, I'm sort of resigned to that at present. I think what I'm really saying is that I need a 57 key.
  17. And you're aware that on a 55-key the low note in the right hand will almost certainly be G above middle C, yes? Yes, I'm sort of resigned to that at present.
  18. Have you contacted maccannic regarding his recent thread: OK, it's time to sell my first concertina: 64-key Maccann duet Cheers, Dick Yes, I saw it earlier but its outside my specs and price-range. Ideally I'd like to acquire a 55 or 57 key. Thanks anyway.
  19. I'm in the market for a MacCann duet of 55 + keys size. If anyone out there is feeling the need to part with such an item I'd really like to hear from them.
  20. Did you sell this yet? I'm interested in obtaining a larger Mccann than my present 46 key one.
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