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  1. Very nice version, Sarah and Canon too.Concerning soundbalance, I find - the more confident I get with a tune, the easier it is to emphasize the melody. It happens kind of automatically when I concentrate on the melody. But, as a Duett-player, this is probably easily said. About recording: a mistake I made in earlier recordings was, that I didn´t take care about walls being close to only one side of my concertina. The reflection of a wall adds up quite a bit to the volume of the recording. Thanks Stefan.As someone new to recording, I found the same problem as you ie too close to walls. As I'm only using an ipad to record I now have it on a music stand and am trying various locations around the house! One thing I've noticed is that the Jones has a greater inbalance between left and right than my Marcus hybrid. Beautifull rendition! I second Geoff's comments- very nice! Well done Cannon ,some nice ideas ! Thanks Geoff.
  2. Been away from the net for a while & just catching up (and enjoying) the submissions so far. Here's my effort- this time played on my newly acquired ( and first "traditional" concertina) Jones A-flat / E-flat. http://snd.sc/188ZRA6
  3. I checked, and it does the same on my wife's iPad. Actually, both sides are cropped - though it's fine on my MacBook laptop. Any techy 12-year-olds out there who can suggest what I'm doing wrong? Had a trawl on the internet- It seems there is a known issue see the link. http://www.wix.com/support/forum/html5/wix-mobile/other/site-not-working-on-ipad Something to do with ensuring elements are within the grid lines ( whatever they are!)?
  4. Nice site David. One thing I've noticed accessing it via an ipad, the far right of the page is chopped off. I can just make out the left edge of the contact tab on the ipad screen. I assume this is something to do with the ipad screen format, as the page comes up fine on the office PC. Just wondered if android tablets are similarly affected.
  5. Nice find. Ordered mine & will spread the word. If you go to the CD website http://www.outofreach.org.uk/ You can also buy and download the ABC s and PDF files for the music on the CD for a modest contribution.
  6. Do you have a photo (or link) that would show me what a 'foot bass' is? Here's meanwhile one which they seem to build (or at least offer) momentarily: Wow. Thanks for that. I can't imagine sitting and playing concertina and one of those at the same time. Though I do rest my concertina on one knee. I guess if you use a neck strap your knees are less constrained. It would be theoretically possible to manage a harmonica as well... That's a great sound! Here's the link I found to go with B.E.S's photo there's a few mp3 samples there as well. http://www.bandoneon-maker.com/footbass_1.htm
  7. That's made my day! Just the tonic after reading the sad news of Kautilia.
  8. Like so many here, I was saddened by this news. I never always understood his postings, but they were always a highlight and he will be missed.
  9. I came across this as an ipad app a few weeks ago- http://www.musicopoulos.com/ As someone who's last music lesson was about 35 years ago in my schooldays, I've found it quite handy, and the sight reading trainer seems to be (slowly) improving my music reading skills.
  10. A touch slow, maybe, but otherwise very nice!Chris Thanks Chris. Yes it's a little on the slow side- it was actually the eighth attempt at recording, by which time the digits were giving up! It'll take me a little while longer to speed up with any semblance of consistency.
  11. Thanks For that Geoff. I've found TOTM seems to be improving my concertina playing, but I'm also learning new skills, such as recording and how to not panic when confronted by the " red button of doom".
  12. Thanks, I was beginning to worry because of the lack of postings! Nice one. What instrument are you playing? Many Thanks. I've played that on my marcus G/D. I know I keep saying this but totm is great .Every tune I've attempted, I've learned something new about playing the concertina. I hope totm continues and a few more start posting!
  13. My playing must be improving two recognised the tune thanks!
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