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  1. Ah, brilliant - thank you for the advice, very much appreciated. Arthur D
  2. Hi, I recently purchased an English Concertina, a Jackie model - but I did not get the 'tutor book' with it. Has anybody got a copy of this to sell in the UK? Thanks.
  3. Thank you.. I will refrain from the naughty bellows action from now on, thanks Lester.
  4. Hi, just a simple question... I have bought my first concertina, and having great fun. But I have noticed that with a slight sqeeze and no button pressed the bellows do compress slightly and slowly... is that normal or should they be 'super-air-tight'? Cheers!
  5. Hi everybody - thanks for all the replies. I have actually been away for a couple of days... and picked up a Duet instead of either an English or an Anglo. It was a spur of the moment thing after seeing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F7IL-PjVtc Now it sits on my desk.... my wife has already banned it... damn. However, she's not always here I didn't know about the Midway folk sessions -that is excellent info, thank you. And thanks for the links to Alex Wade Paul - beautiful audio clips there.
  6. Thank you everybody for answering. As for your question Bob, I like Alex Wade, and so in a way that answers my question - as the videos I have seen shows her playing an English. But, Howard, going to see some 'in the flesh' being played sounds like a good idea - what sorts of times do the sessions start from in Gawsworth? Arthur
  7. Hello! I have read lots of posts, but am still not 100% sure which concertina to buy! Hence my question to all you chaps and chappettes! I really want to play the Concertina, and love English folk best, hornpipes, shanties and the like. I can't afford a Duel Concertina, as they seem expensive. So am going to buy a Concertina Connection Concertina. But which to get given my love of English Folk, Morris and shanties? A Jackie, a Jack or a Rochelle? Oh, and anybody in the Stockport, England area? Any advice appreciated, ArthurD
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