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  1. Is she called Charlotte? I reckon it's this ...... with a spongey bellows, smelling of alcohol from some musicians' dive and it goes up to your mouth and down to your tum! And of course it also goes in before it comes out..... http://tinyurl.com/n4j7oe
  2. Just finished on bbc radio 3 so you can get it soon on iplayer (i was listening live outside UK so radio must be accessible === I lie! - it is there for seven days from now..... Basically the basson is chased by the oboe not to be so boring and come out to play! composer of the week George Frideric Handel Sonata in B flat major HWV.357, ed. Dart for oboe and continuo Performer: George MALCOLM - Harpsichord Performer: Graham SHEEN - Bassoon Performer: Neil BLACK - Oboe PHILIPS, 4124982, 1-3 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01kptv0 We look forward to enjoying from your box (and it goes fast later on, as you like it!)
  3. Kautilya, Is the A4 sheet of paper approach Not sure, but I think David Batty made big notes of a few bars on A4 paper and hung em up in front of him (washing line across the sitting room?!) so he had a big visual guide as well as playing them by ear - merging the two functions of ear and eye as it were.... then he built up the tune... I think.... If u want to use the dots as an up and down flow guide for your ear and to help your ear memory it is very difficult to read em off a full score on one sheet of paper...print is too small. Think the bouncing dot on song words across the theatre/cinema screen for singalongs Harry scurfield did the same kind of visual thing with chords to be played with a tune, at Swaledale .... even bigger than a4 if memory serves - he placed them on the floor in front of us all. Alas I dont seem to find any pics at the mo.....but Michael Sam may have some from that workshop
  4. Congratulations on your new acquisition, Stephen. But I thought your baritone serial number dates it to 1854, the same year as mine, not 1865, as you have put above. Has it got younger crossing the Atlantic, perhaps? Anyway, I hope you get hours of enjoyment playing it. Chris Another variant -the A4 sheet of paper approach (before switching to ear only! the file name should be learning not earning; but may be busking also improves yr skills faster!
  5. Blimey, 18 pages and over a hundred tunes in my little thread! It's been great fun though and if you average out tunes per day for the time it's been running it's hardly hectic! Clevah fellahs -- both of you! Tks! :) And this is a v useful tip! "changed the extension from abc to txt to get it to post." All we need now, to speed up learning to plough our furrows, is a similar way to trick midis into posting.
  6. Just to get this rumbling along a bit more and move it beyond the Cheshire salt mines....the very much non-archaic use of bourdon is of course what the French today use for the long bass pipes on an organ That said, and before Howard comes thundering back, much doubt is cast on the various potential origins of the word at this url which comes down very much on the origin being Celtic and gaelic (perhaps for our players of Irish music.... Irish (gaelic)) http://www.dicocitations.com/definition_littre/3815/Bourdon.php And the Celts were spread high and low up to 250,000 years ago even If you take a line from coastal southern Europe it tends to run North past the coasts of Celtic populations in Spain/French Pyrenees (Basques), Brittany Cornwall, Isle of Man, Wales, Ireland, Scotland. And of course lots of these areas are known for their bagpipes (with drunks drones!) Get ready for this at 22 seconds 128 foot pipe bourdon and at 31 or so secs (this hymn is a common instance of plain chant being led by the organ (which reflects a little Mike's point elsewhere - that 'modern plain chant' is often accompanied by organ
  7. I had a limit set of 6 MB per person for the grand total of their uploads... I've upped it to 8 MB which still isn't a ton, but I don't have unlimited server space, so it's important to keep image sizes reasonable when uploading, and to use outside services where appropriate (use YouTube for videos, and Flickr or Picasa or any of the many free image services if you have lots and/or large images to share). Paul Thanks Paul but my difficult was not the volume allowed but the fact that I cannot see where this 6.29MB (yes it says 6.29) file/s is/are sitting - can u spot where it is hiding please?So I can zap it. tks
  8. Easy peasy (even if u have 2000 bucks to spare) -- all you need is a hurdygurdyist/e (we often have two - a lady and a gent at The George. When they are tuning up for a melody I match their drone with pull or push on my 20 button anglo on one note or chord, or the appropriate key tremolo harmonica, or the bass button on DG or other melodeon (the latter is best coz it makes a fair amount of noise as a drone) I just then play those notes along to accompany THEM and it really adds a lot of colour. it is based on the one note principle ably exemplified by fiddle maestro Joe Broughton's Waddow band where a number of people (I know one of them at least) who couldnt play any tune just played one note - D. as he explains at the beginning he tried to get the band to understand note quality as a priority -- you can also play one note (he does it) at the start of your musical day and see how long you can hold it and gradually improve the quality of your bowing or bellowsing or flauting - he says that is his musical meditation to get iin the right mood for playing. ps Howard is absolutely right about there being no need for a hiccough problem and the effectiveness of the drone (not the 'speaker' type who drones on and on and on and ......) Coz so few people do it in a session you can give the overall session's sound considerable depth with no more ability than knowing how to push and pull slowly.... you certainly dont needto know the tune! This demo video also brings into play Mike's current musico-religious experimentation element into it with Purgatory..... The special guest Lead Virtuoso one-note artiste is standing on a chair in front of the window. Pete Coe is hiding at the back too.... The title deliberately has nothing to do with various soporific opiate substitutes The Broughton Method-a-Done a sonorific meditation on the aural pain of Purgatory. PS someone more familiar with the classical scene will be able to point out some famous one note pieces. A lady (of a certain age)told me last year how someone heard her playing the cello and how wonderful the sound was - whatever piece she was playing it was just two or three notes BUT it was the way she changed the tone and power and tempo of the bowing which made it sound like a very complicated piece - in fact it was a series of drone movements. You might have seen similar in the BBC4 Mstislav Rostropovich documentary a few months back http://duckduckgo.com/?q=Mstislav+Rostropovich+bbc
  9. It may be worth digging around in Gregorian chant (plaint chant)and see what comes up in the various keys. Most of the stuff for throughout the year was collected into the Liber Usualis (daily book) by the Solesmes community but the material really dates back to pre and in 6th/7th century so unlikely for there to have been any organs knocking around. Click on an icon which shows a score. http://www.sanctamissa.org/en/music/gregorian-chant/chant-liturgical-year/christus-rex-selected-chants.html this appears to be the whole thing: 112MB I think the Dies irae, dies illa has a couple of flats knocking around in it... http://www.sanctamissa.org/en/music/gregorian-chant/choir/liber-usualis-1961.html
  10. Obviously one of the many parodies of the Sullivan Song "The lost chord"... And then the monkey came around and took his seat on the organ... (visit him over here) OOps - looks like we are already in trouble from Mike's next post and in for another smack :rolleyes: ) but I am sure The Lost Drink in the parodies is definitely going to get an airing at Whitby!! I had not realised, until Dirge protested (good on yer Dirge), how many renditions there are from illustrious bodies: from Sir John Barbirolli conducting, through Caruso, McCormack, Jerome Hines.....
  11. Ohno no no no no please please no Dirge - TomB says he is confused but would you have the dots for a piece which he recalls go something like "Seated one day at the organ, I was weary and ill at ease, I gently ran my fingers.. over the vicar's knees........:
  12. Nice to hear from you John. Here is a little musical tribute which I did for your dad and you will see that Dirge in New Zealand has played a a rather nice fresh version of Nimrod, without the summer day background noises! http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=14384
  13. Looks like I will be twisting TomB's finders to play this on Bf/Eflat Liliput at Whitby Middle EaRTH.... just so I can see how it is done, you understand! Then he can flaut (as in flute but also as in flaunt)it whichever way he wishes at the Ship Irish sessions (which I find somewhat overthetopandsquashedunder the table at too great a speeed for my liking - at least the room on the harbour side, with the roadside room at little more musically friendly and slower).
  14. Trying to delete whatever it is which says I am using 6.29MB of my 5.86MB global upload quota, but I cannot find how this miracle has happened unless it is the loaves and seven files miracle. Can anyone help please
  15. (Yes, but I cut out your good bits to shorten it! Luvverly performance! I can smell the holy water
  16. Strewth! They are blocking the deleted one now -- ere we go again with another upload at 0340 hours http://youtu.be/Z0kBwrHvhwo Hopefully == http://youtu.be/5i9gSwUYHtU
  17. Apart from his regular roundup, Leo was a great help in finding those awkward but very desirable toons which some of us wanted to have a go at but which were neither easy to locate or always in a format easy to learn. This can lead to the best kind of musicmaking - fun, as well different people trying to get another interesting handle on a piece, all mixed up but often producing a fine new creative strand. It is more than a session - experimenting and playing and Leo liked to experiment and solve puzzles. This link, a Tribute to Leo, exemplifies that and I know he would have enjoyed it. It was recorded in the open air next to the marquee at ECMW 2011 on a sunny afternoon, and it shows how good a sport Dirge (and others) are when it comes to trying summat out. I had not put it up so far, as Dirge felt his playing could have been better,( I thought it was pretty good!) And it now seems a good way now to say thank you to Leo. There is also ome interesting gossip about Purcell and others as well as stuffing chickens, complimenting the peasants and much more! There is also a super Blind Mary on a low D and a more than appropriate, happy but wistful, Moscow Nights played by Dirge with a little encouragement from yours truly to slow down the tempo! I feel it is a good "thank you" song for Leo as it is about fond memories, musical and people sounds waning and waxing across Moscow's silver moonlit river at night. The words are of a love song, and about younger, sweeter times now well past, which makes it all the more appropriate. "If only you could understand, how close to my heart, were those wonderful summer Moscow Nights" If anyone wants the English words I can sort em - the "usual" version in English is a bit iffy. So, Dirge, the floor and the first number are yours -- Take it away for Leo! Actually you will have to wait for the link!!!! . I have just deleted the unlisted youtube upload. The googleofflicialised copyright thieves are trying to claim they own our playing! And specifically citing Blind Mary !!!!!!! Blind Mary / Máire Dhall / Máire Chaoch by Turlough O'Carolan 1670-1738) Unbelievable.. I need to fix something to spook them with O'Carolan's ghost and re-upload. By claiming copyright they can now stop you ticking the boxes to block embedding and use for mobile phones or tv etc.... so they can then make money and not pay you of course. HERE IT IS Strewth! They are blocking the deleted one now -- ere we go again with another upload at 0340 hours............ http://youtu.be/Z0kBwrHvhwo maybe.. http://youtu.be/5i9gSwUYHtU
  18. Quite. There seem to be too few of us who give a F about this area and if we go forth and propagate we might increase more such playing (if not by quality, then sheer force of numbers! Steve Freereeder from the 'other side' has been campaigning for more Cs. What would help me more than owt else would be a practical list of interestin toons to practice, preferably with the midi. I have been diggin em out of song books but often a lot are American ones I have never 'heard' of so I have to pass em over as the score leaves me cold. Even then I have only found a handful.** I have to say I have taken the easy path by putting down my 20B CG Lachenal and using several CF melodeons (including my CF Paolo which you have played Mike) and a beat up old Erika with severe asmtha but nice deep basses). ** I dont know whether I mentioned this after Swaledale here but seems to be nice F piece http://math.boisestate.edu/gas/sullivan/songs/lost_chord/chordharm.pdf and the background http://math.boisestate.edu/gas/sullivan/songs/lost_chord/chord.html
  19. Yes v sad. I was hanging back in this discussion as I had an email address for Leo(as Leo Dalton) and had mailed him but got no answer but I did not want to jump the gun. In the meantime I had asked the funeral home to check with his sisters if indeed he was our concertina Leo and had been waiting for a response.
  20. Mick Jagger tells me y're right about it not rocking and hence why he did not buy one. It seems the porch model may be more appropriate for the bulk of the membership: and I Mock u not: "Trying to be as friendly as possible, Scout leads Boo to the porch and assists him into a rocking chair placed in a darker corner, where she thinks he will feel most comfortable. As she helps Boo along, she feels the odd sensation of her fantasy about finding him sitting on the porch one day coming true." here's the utube- I gave up waiting for him to plaay his geetaw as my bandwidth is so bad soI'm going to bed!
  21. Tks boys and girls. Was not in my mind for the ICA music journal so much but for Pauline herself (gedditt??!! Pauline's Mazurka.....") so now to tuneotron and pdf it and mail to her. Taaaa!
  22. http://www.euroffice.co.uk/community/post/Should-offices-have-musical-chairs
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