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    My wife, music, my dog. I've been playing "something" all my life. Mountain Dulcimer for over 30 years, Blues Harp (when I'm in my depressed mode) Started playing English Concertina in 1982. Played everyday for about 5 years, then my career got me heavily involved with South African music and playing time was reduced greatly. In 96 I started playing Bluegrass banjo AND Old Time fiddle (following in my grandfathers footsteps). A few years ago I sold Richard Morse my Wheatstone, and last year my darling wife, who thought I was insane for doing so, bought me a new Morse Albion, which sounds and plays better than my Wheatstone ever did. (no, Richard didn't pay me to say that.)
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  1. Duh! Sorry forgot some critical info. 1. Nope...not double reeded 2. G/D 3. My dog still hates it. Even if I could pull it wide open...with it's 12 folds, I need the wing span of a pterodactyl!
  2. Mystery box turns out to be a "Made In Italy" (hmmmmmm) 12 fold / 20 key Anglo with red faux mother of pearl ends, and plastic imitation ivory buttons (2 missing, several are loose fitting). The tone isn't half bad, IF you can manage the push & pull. I can best describe it as like pulling taffy...which is probably easier. My Aussie Terrier, who sometimes will join in with my English, went wild!!! Howling like a wild Dingo the moment I sent air across the reeds. I mean he HATES this thing!!! So as a test I got my English out along with the Anglo...not a peep out of him with the English and instant howling again with the Anglo. I did the right thing and thanked my friend as though they gave me the golden ticket to Wonka's factory....I just hope they never ask to hear me play it.
  3. David...if it IS a radio at least I'll be able to play it! I'm hoping she brings it by tonight.... I will most certainly post the findings....good, bad, ugly.
  4. My friend only knows that a "concertina" goes "in and out". I've tried to explain the "Anglo" "English" workings, but I don't think she's fluent enough to explain what she found. She said it was in "a nice box" and looks to be in perfect conditon, although she didn't "press all of the buttons." Hey, I figure whatever this is....it's FREE and if it's playable...should be a bit of fun! Other guesses are most welcome!!!
  5. I bumped in to a friend of mine on Sunday who said "I'll be coming by your house this week because I found a concertina in my house...it was left by this guy who skipped town, since you play, you can have it" She described it as "red, with white buttons and it seems to play a chord on each button." So friends....what on earth is this thing???
  6. I also believe that multi-instrument playing helps in countless ways...from helping with finger position and movement to opening up your mind to improv and understanding different styles of music.
  7. Thanks for this bit of Eng C. history. Back, oh, 25 years ago when I got my first Wheatstone, it had only 5 folds. Whenever I saw a visiting artist playing English, they always had 6 folds. My Wheatstone, which I sold about 5 years ago, was built around 1915-16, so I guess that explains the 5 folds?
  8. Just throwing in my full agreement with the idea of keeping the box handy. Sometimes magic happens in those quick "grab and play" moments. It'll build confidence and keep that piece of your mind that's a concertina player active.
  9. I'll try to record my vocal accompanist this weekend...then sit back and reap the massive amounts of money to be made via Youtube. Meanwhile, here's Mr Sydney
  10. My Aussie Terrier Mr. Sydney could always be counted on to sing the blues when I play my blues harp, but he's never given my concertina a second thought....until last night. As I launched in to "Off She Goes" my newest favorite tune, he howled, talked, barked, and more times than I can count, slide in to perfect pitch along with the tune. He became so loud I could hardly hear the concertina! I can't be alone in this! Perhaps we can do some busking with this act!
  11. Not to get all heavy and deep about it...but isn't it incredible how one simple connection can bring people of different cultures together? If all the world could just.....oh forget all this mushy crap...let's play some music!!!
  12. my biggest problem is the splint on the finger....it's so large it makes shifting finger position a real challenge, but at least I'm able to play...not great...but I'm playing!
  13. Johanna....off I go to work up Oyster Girl! Thanks for the suggestion.
  14. So Sorry to hear this. Playing music daily has been part of my life for over 30 years...I dread the day it becomes impossible.....but as so many friends have told me, "you'll heal and be back at it in due course." Hang in there!
  15. A few weeks ago I broke the little finger of my left hand. It now wears a large splint which prevents me from playing my fiddle and banjo. As bummed as I am about that, this accident has afforded me the opportunity to spend some quality time with my English, sadly played very little for several months. I am ecstatic! Every day I've been revisiting old favs and just learned "Off She Goes" (whhich I fell in love with) plus, a few Morris tunes from Mr. Kirkpatrick. I fall asleep and wake up with tunes just rolling around in my head and can hardly wait to play. What started out as frustration has turned to pure joy. Thanks for listening!
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