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  1. Ok ok!!! I'll go home at xmas, give it a bash and see how it goes. The phrase "tone deaf" has been bandied about around me - usually when I sing in the office - so I wouldn't be surprised. I promise I'll pop back in the new year and let you all know the outcome of what my husband is now calling "The Great Northern Cat Torturing Experiment". Whether he is alluding to the sound he expects me to make or the effect it may have on our Bengals, he won't say. I can only thank you all once again for all your comments and best wishes. Roo x PS I'm a girl BTW
  2. Blimey! I'm overwhelmed by your responses! Thank you to everyone. I can't gt my hands on it till I go home for xmas so - after your gentle encouragement , I may give it a go then. Further news: My mum eventually got back to me and tells me the serial number is 40058. From what I have read elsewhere you can look the serial numbers up. Does anyone know where I would be able to find this listed? I'm beginning to get quite excited by all this
  3. Blimey - thanks everyone. You really are champions for the cause! I'm going to talk it over with my mum as - if we did sell it - the proceeds, which I now believe would be fairly decent, would redecorate her house! But you are right, maybe I should keep it and give it a go? I'd be very sad to lose it... I need to have a think. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to respond. It's much appreciated xx
  4. Yeah - I've only got pictures of that side but I do remember that the other side did have the name worked into it. Unfortunately I won't be able to get any more photos till I visit ma at xmas. I've just found this picture of the body though: When I took these pics I remember thinking it looked almost new! I've also just asked my mum if she can get me the serial number.
  5. Thanks Pete. No - my dad was originally from Newcastle, I'm in London and the concertina is currently in my mum's house in Liverpool!! I was given a guitar at school and the music teacher took it away from me after a month. I was also banned from compulsory choir practice and made to do extra Latin instead. Music and I are as strangers - much to my dismay No. I shall not be learning - which is what makes it sadder for me as I would love to have an aptitude for it.
  6. Wow - that was quick! Thank you. It's such a beautiful thing but I have all the musical ability of a dead halibut! I have no idea whether to keep it as a pretty object or sell it on to someone who will love it - and more importantly - play it. Unfortunately, because it was dad's, I think I'd find it hard to let it go
  7. Hello chaps. Sorry if this is poor form but I have no idea where else to ask. I tried to do a bit of research on my own but am just getting nowhere... After my dad died we found this old concertina/accordion (see, I don't even know which it is!!). All I know about it is what mum could remember; that it belonged to his older brother who died at a fairly young age. My dad was born in 1928. It's in spanking condition and was probably not taken out of the box for decades! I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with a bit of the history? It has "Tyne Docks" scratched into the bottom of the box. I have more piccies if anyone is interested. Thanks again, and apologies if this post breaks your forum etiquette. Roo x
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