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  1. Hello Thank you Jim! Ron
  2. Hello Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out more information about Alf Edwards? Ron
  3. Very good, I look forward to hearing more of the bands music. Regards Ron
  4. Hello Michael Sam Wild Thank you for the link, it looks very interesting. Regards Ron
  5. Hello Wes Thank you for the link, It's allowed me to find even more information about Miss Way. Kind Regards Ron
  6. Hello Wes Thank you for the extra details you researched, much appreciated. It's fascinating to know the Early years of an instrument I now own. I wonder if the last person who hired it went on to buy it....? Kind Regards Ron
  7. Hello Alan Hope the gigs and pantomime are going well. Juliette Daum book in the early new year perhaps...... Regards Ron
  8. Hello Randy Many thanks for the Christmas tunes! Regards Ron
  9. Hello Wes I'm looking at Ledger C1047 Page 023. My interest is that I have just bought concertina serial No. 3293. First purchased by Miss Caroline Way 6th August 1851 in the paid column there is a figure of 2.2.0 in the next column it contains a No. 4. Regards Ron
  10. Hello Looking at the Wheatstone Ledgers there is a column headed paid, the next column along with no heading but containing recorded payments I assume are deposits or part payments. Is my assumption correct? Kind Regards Ron
  11. Hello Alan Thank you for the downloads Regards Ron
  12. Hello Thank you for the information Regards Ron
  13. Hello Does anybody have experience of using Music Master software? Regards Ron
  14. Hello Alan I keep checking just in case!NO PRESSURE Ron
  15. Hello Thank you both for the replies.Very useful information much appreciated. Ron
  16. Hello Thank you for your replies, very helpful information. Ron
  17. Hello What are the note ranges of tenor and baritone concertinas? Regards Ron
  18. Hello Thank you for the replies, do you know if aluminium reed frames became more common place from the 1920s onward in Edephones? Regards Ron
  19. Hello Anybody got a Jack Baritone they wish to sell, UK only please? Regards Ron
  20. Was the use of aluminium reed frames common practice? I was looking at an Edeophone the other day and that was fitted aluminium frames. Regards Ron
  21. Sounds like things are moving! Regards Ron
  22. Hello Shaunw How would I obtain a Frank Butler cd from you? Ron
  23. I am also waiting with some anticipation for any news. Ron
  24. Hello I have just insured my concertinas with Newmoon insurance. I spoke to a chap called Joe Carne (email Joe.Carne@newmooninsurance.com) and was dealt with in a very helpful and friendly manner. Regards Ron
  25. Hello Malcom Pleased to hear of another one that matches my description. Bowing valves? Chris suggested I post a photo, I'm still working out how to do this! Regards Ron
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