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  1. Hello, 5,000 Morris event is taking place at London's Southbank on first weekend in September. http://theinkcorporation.co.uk/5000-morris-dancers-2/ QL
  2. Depending on when the person went deaf they may be more likely to lip read. Some deaf people may have once had hearing and may have once played music. Glad to hear from Chris that the digital hearing aids are better than the old analogue ones. I am awaiting my digital aid, due any moment, and am hoping it will be better than the old one (which I never wore as it did not work for me at all).
  3. I have yet to read Glennie's essay but are 'profoundly' deaf and 'totally' deaf one and the same thing ? In effect, yes. Profound deafness is when a sound has to be over 90 decibels before a person can even begin to hear it (if they hear it at all). So it is functionally like being 'totally' deaf.
  4. Totally deaf or impaired/restricted hearing ? Yes, I was going to ask that, too. I am hearing impaired (I have approx 40% of 'normal' hearing), so for me playing music is not too restricted. The only real problem I have so far found is playing along with other people, particularly if I don't arrive early enough to choose where I sit. I have had some disheartening experiences of not being able to hear myself play or even really many other people. Assuming, however, the original post referred to people who are not hearing impaired but are fully deaf, one benefit I can see with the Anglo is the very rhythmic nature of the playing, of moving the bellows. If I ever found myself with no hearing at all I would like an instrument which was very rhythmic. QL
  5. Can post this as it is a mere one or two lines. This is visiting my workplace today http://museumofbritishfolklore.com/index.html Looks interesting.
  6. Hello, I am having difficulty posting and replying to messages from my home PC (am using another computer at the moment to send this). I don't get the full, blank post / reply screen and the cursor is nowhere to be found. Can anyone advise me on what I can do to improve this situation? It is not quite right on this PC either - the post toolbar (with the bold, italics etc options) is in the middle ofthe post and I ma now infact typing under it so I cannot see my words an am just hoping for the best. Help! t
  7. A couple of sitings over the last month. First one, during a film version of Heidi (!) which was on over Xmas. Then this week, the first episode of the new series of Being Human on BBC3 showed a quick glimpse of a concertina in the final scene.
  8. Yes, I spoke to Joe, too. He was very helpful. My advice is to give them a call, or email Joe and ask him to ring you back, then you can get the policy sorted over the phone and all the paperwork emailed to you.
  9. This week, I gave the concertina as a Hanuakh pressie to a little toddler lass, and she was thrilled - and amazed - by it. I don't think her parents were quite so pleased, though - two notes, played over and over, are probably not their idea of fun...
  10. Is it an "Anglo" or and "English"? Cheers, John Being entirely button-less it can be anything we want it to be!
  11. No excuse for not starting as early as possible http://www.plantoys.com/catalog/products_detail.php?id=6401 It has a limited sonic range, but quite a nice squeeze action!
  12. Yes, same thing just happened to me - I followed through the Harmonics policy stages but the paperwork attached to the quote was for the Natural policy. I will give them a call and try to sort it out that way. Thanks to you all for your advice QL
  13. Hello, Just wondering if anybody can advise on insurance for concertinas? I want to insure my new Marcus Anglo and don't know who to approach. Thanks, QL
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