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    English concertina, primarily as accompaniment for trad songs. One of my other missions is helping match up people with the kind of affordable concertinas they are seeking; 100% success rate so far.
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  1. I realise that this is sort of last minute, but the 11th Annual Maritime Festival (http://www.newenglandfolknetwork.org/pmff/) is this coming weekend. Concertina players to include: Celeste Bernardo,Emery Hutchins, Paul Semprini, Jeff Warner, Chris Maden,Ken Sweeney, Ken Schatz, Liam Robinson, David Coffin, Peter Souza, Joanne Souza, and Bob Webb; me too - Tom
  2. Not very clever of them to run the event the same weekend as Mystic - Tom
  3. What are the words to this song? Thanks - Tom
  4. For the concertina lovers who missed the PMFF, here's a sample on YouTube: Andy Kenna is a most remarkable singer, tradition bearer, concertina master, and consummate performer. We were most fortunate to be able to introduce him to the USA. We were also fortunate to have a couple of top notch videographers working different venues. More to come - Tom
  5. And for anyone still trying to make a decision or day choice, the schedule is up here: http://www.newenglandfolknetwork.org/pmff/schedule.html Hope to see some of you - Tom
  6. A problem with so many great union songs is that they are set to hymn tunes, making them easier to learn. If you just play the tune, only the most die hard union person will get the connection. Some examples: Solidarity Forever - Battle Hymn of the Republic The Preacher and the Slave - The Sweet Bye and Bye Praise Boss - The Doxology Nearly all of the songs in the anthology, "The Big Red Songbook" are set to known tunes, if not hymns then popular tunes of the past, one notable exception being The Internationale; but it's not a simple tune. Go to mudcat.org, and in the DT (Digital Tradition) do a search for "union." You should get lots of songs, many with tune midis. The Press Room is at 77 Daniel Street in Portsmouth NH. Every Friday, for the past twenty six years, we've had a mixed (songs and tunes) trad session from 4:30 to 9:00 PM. On the third Sat of each month we have a shanty/forebitter/ ballad session from 3:30 to 7:30. PM or email me for more details or help with union songs. Fan the flames - Tom
  7. The Tenth Annual Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival will be taking place in and around the city of Portsmouth New Hampshire on 26 and 27 September 2009, with an unofficial start at the Press Room on 25 Sept. from 4:30 to 9:00. We have eleven concertina players, mostly English (one is really from Liverpool) but also a MacCann Duet and a Dipper baritone. Open sings of Fri. night and Sat. afternoon. All events are FREE. More details at the website here: http://www.newenglandfolknetwork.org/pmff/index.html. It would be swell if some of you might download the poster from the site and print up a couple for your local club, music shop, library, wherever. Hope to see some fellow C-netters there - Tom
  8. Will you be singing, or just playing?
  9. If you're really serious about this quest, go to mudcat.org and do a search in the forum for "morris dancing." Then, next year, when you've finished reading those posts, go to the archives of English Dance and Song, and read up on it there. You'll probably need a few months to do this though, Happy questing - Tom
  10. It is back; same seller, same pictures, much lower price
  11. Hi Alden - You don't say where in NH you're from, but if you want to go beyond reading, you need to plan a visit to our weekly music sessions at the Press Room in Portsmouth. There's nearly always two concertina players, and if you are in luck you can get to see, hear, try, both English and Anglo, to include Wheatstone, Lachenal, Jeffries, Dipper, and Morse, trebles, tenor-treble, and baritone. I've PMd you my email and more details - Tom
  12. Is there a purpose for this poll? Just asking - Tom
  13. Recently a friend asked me to act as broker in the sale of his Wheatstone EC. Where one would usually find the number has nothing in it. I then removed the ends to look inside, but found no marks or writing save for a lettr "R" stamped on one reed pan, and two "Ls" handwritten on the other. Where do I go from here? Thanks - Tom
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