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  1. If anyone has a video of this I would much appreciate it.
  2. There are others in the band who play in G or D. I don’t think learning to play the trombone would be welcomed by them!
  3. I play for ritual dance. Has anybody perfected a cover for an English concertina which will keep it from being ruined when playing in the rain?
  4. Posted by Folk London's Peter Crabbe-Wyke to his email list. Please help Caroline Regan track down her stolen concertina: It is a Wheatstone 40 key anglo with black bellows and metal ends. It was stolen this afternoon (Sunday 15th December) from the Crown Moran Hotel in Cricklewood. The case was dumped outside the pub. If you see or hear of anything please get in touch with Caroline at: caz4regan@hotmail.com Caroline would be extremely grateful for any help spreading this message far and wide to try to help with the instrument's safe recovery.
  5. Can you post some details:where you are based, serial number, whether recently serviced, provenance, asking price?
  6. Mary Humphreys ( English concertina )& Anahata ( melodeon & Anglo concertina) are running a tunes workshop of Fenland tunes for melody instruments at Gleanings (book at www.gleanings.co.uk).It will be a long weekend of Fenland tunes, mainly in the keys of G & D, from the manuscripts of William Clarke of Feltwell and John Clare. Some of the tunes will have harmony parts. For further information contact us on Anahata@treewind.co.uk or mary@maryhumphreys.co.uk
  7. I can send you abc's of Anahata's arrangements if you would like. Or .pdfs if you would prefer. Mary Humphreys
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