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  1. Flogging Molly is a really fun band. They do very Irish-y influenced stuff a la the Pogues. I feel like they're one of the few bands around now that do that well. very glad to hear that they've integrated a concertina into their sound. Pb
  2. I'm pretty sure that's the layout used by the whole Tedrow family. Mr. Tedrow, his wife, and daughter. It works beautifully for them. Pb
  3. I'd say more likely that it is tiding from a water stain, caused either from iron in the water or acid in the paper.
  4. Do you make tee shirts? That would be amazing! Needless to say I like your work. Some of your stuff in the painting section reminds me of the Russian painter Pavel Filonov.
  5. Someone early wrote that theywere thinking about lining their case with velvet. A word of warning against that. The dyeing process for many velvets uses a sulfur based agent. The off-gas from velvet causes metal to tarnish faster, which wouldn't be good for your concertina (especially for one with metal ends).
  6. It could also be a German with a Polish/Hungarian/Czech name. cze- seems quite Polish to me. Could it not be a Pole or someone with a Polish name makingconcertinas in Germany? Also I don't know if someone would respell their name and if so, that way. Is there a German construction for a "che" sound? Historically (according to a professor I had while in the CR), the name "Czechoslovakia" has a Polish deriviation. The name was concieved at the last minute during whichever treaty created the nation out of Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia.
  7. Reading this prompted some questions I have about people who collect concertinas. Do most, if not all, concertina collectors play the concertina? And in these collections, are they generally treated to get them into playing condition or are they maintained close to there original? I know the that the Horniman has concertinas and I think the V&A has some also. Does anyone know their approach to them? Are there any other museums that collect? I think this dichotomy of thought between usage and maintaince of the original workmanship is really interesting. patrick
  8. For writing in cyrillic, I don't think your keyboard being danish matters. Pretty much all computers are able to type in different scripts. On mine I can choose to type in cyrillic either in the russian typewriter arrangement or a transliterated version. I find the transliterated keyboard проще. An american keyboard doesn't make it easier, but for things like typing in different scripts, we're all in the same boat. p
  9. [i think the only thing that lets these instruments down is the ugly fastenings. Shiny nickel (or brass) end bolts and handstrap screws in a less clumpy design would finish these instruments off beautifully.] personally I like these type of fastenings on my tedrow. There are quite secure and efficient. I also like the look. I don't know if I understand the difference between fastenings and handstrap bolts/screws? What exactly are you describing? patrick
  10. Thank y'all for the info. I just thought it was a gorgeous concertina. I like the idea of glass keys. very sophisticated. was that common with 'concert models?' Are the keys opaque or translucent? patrick
  11. There is a very nice looking english concertina in the featured objects section of the Horniman Museum website. The little article about the concertina doesn't say when its from, but I think the museum acquired it in 1996. thought y'all might want to have a look at it. Wheatstone 48-keyed English Concertina patrick
  12. Hi All, I am just settling in here in London for about a week, but I hadn't internet access until now. Thanks so much for the tips. I'm going to go walk up to the Cecil Sharp House today and hopefully go to that session Alan mentions in a week or so. Thanks so much for the info. Howard, I'm not studying at UCL, but my campus is right next to Gower Street. I'm at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies). It seems to be a great area. I've loved it so far.
  13. I've always had to open my concertina box, but normally the people working the security desk seem to get a kick out of it. I'm still waiting for the time I'll to play it for them. ~patrick
  14. Wow, all this is getting me really excited about coming to London. Concertinas AND Amazing Grace! ~patrick
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