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  1. Sorry Greg, but I don't have any info on this brand name. But 'Czegesa' doesn't sound very German, and I wonder if perhaps it was made with a market in another country, or an emmigrant group, in mind? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree the brand name does not appear to be German (more Slavic/Eastern European). I would think the manufacture was in Germany then exported for sale elsewhere, but can't find anything at all on this instrument or the company.
  2. I received an Anglo Concertina as a gift from an antique shop. It came in its original box which is labeled: "Czegesa Brand Concertina No. 592 Superior Quality Guaranteed Not To Split Made in Germany" I'm trying to determine a bit more about the instrument. I has leather handstraps, sort of a mother-of-pearl end caps with red MOP trim, and what looks like alligator impressed leather on the bellows. I've search the Concertina.net site and the internet generally for this manufacturer with no luck. Anyone have any insight into this manufacturer and anything about the concertina? Thanks all, Greg
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