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  1. Hi Guys, I'm really very sorry for leaving this for so long but I've been working 14 hour days for the past few weeks and so this took a back seat. I was lucky enough to get some advice and an evaluation from Mark Davies, who I think many of you know. He wrote out a description of the instrument, which is pretty much word for word the description I am going to put on ebay: Jeffries 39 Key Anglo Concertina C/G - Modern Pitch (442). Original Six Fold Bellows, Metal Ends and Buttons. Original Untouched Condition with Original Six-Sided Leather Case. 39 Buttons - C Drone on Left Hand. Bellows are Airtight Small Leather Patch on Bottom of Endframe. Buyer to Arrange and Fund Delivery - Will Ship internationally. The last part about the buyer arranging shipping is a bit of a quandry for me as I would imagine any buyer would want to use a trusted method of delivery and I'm not sure Royal Mail (or whatever they're calling themselves) would measure up. Mark, very generously, agreed to field any questions about the instrument through me, although I'm sure that those of you who know him can contact him directly. The only trouble is that I'm having a little difficulty contacting him myself at the moment as I suspect he is on holiday. As soon as I know that he will be available to answer any technical questions I will put the listing on ebay. Again, thanks for all the interest and your patience.
  2. Wow, Firstly, thanks to all the guys who have pm'd with offers and advice. I have been extremely busy at work recently and so have not really had the chance to deal with this. I work at a university and I have asked a friend in the music department to ask around to see if there is anyone who can determine what key it's in as that seems to be quite an issue. Is it as easy as someone who plays the piano being able to say 'Oh that's in....' or do they need special concertina knowledge? As for issues with the quality - I did say it was in good working order but that is obviously to my untrained ear. I'm no mechanic but I can tell when a car's running well and when it's not. A poor analogy I know, but I'm basically saying that there is no obvious problem when the concertina is expanded/contracted and the buttons pressed - to me it sounds like a good instrument played badly. A list of people in the uk who could evaluate it would be appreciated - I am based in Leeds. Like I said this is a sale on behalf of my mother; I want the best price for her, and ebay seems to be the consensus, but neither of us wants to sell someone a dud even if it is done in good faith. Once again, thanks for the interest and advice and I will keep you updated.
  3. Hi I am selling a concertina on behalf of my mother and was hoping I could get some advice from the people on this forum as to how much I should be looking to getting and what the best method for selling it is (I am based in the UK.) The concertina belonged to my grandfather and is in good working order, although the handle on the case is broken at the top. It has C.Jeffries stamped on one end but the camera I borrowed to take the photos kept insisting on using it's flash whenever I tried to capture this. On one end it has 18 buttons(?) in a group plus one a little farther up, and on the other end it has 19 + 1 buttons. Any advice gratefully received.
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