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  1. One more famous tune- Chariots of fire, I'm posting it here since I don't want to spam further this forum (as I already utterly have):
  2. Do I qualify as a concertina lover if there's more money in this picture than in my car? I had my old Wren and Swan tuned this week and it's a priceless feeling. To my much astonishment one of the reed in Swan totaly broke off 😬
  3. Not to spam too much the forum (as I already have) I'm posting this tune here. Funiculi funicula...
  4. It's christmas time! My favourite version: Frank Sinatra:
  5. It's funny how similar this christmas tune is:
  6. Monday this week it arrived, Clare concertina from the Irish concertina company. I can't express my happyness, although the second day I noticed with astonishment it had different button layout than what I was used to. I even wrote a complaint e-mail (stupid me😆), but I was kindly told that such was the standard layout for a mid range concertina and a professional. Now I'm learning to play on it. In only few days I see I can gain a lot by playing a high quality concertina instead of what I have been playing from my beginnings in january 2020- from the cheapest china-made groanboxes and later McNeela Wren and Swan beginner's concertinas (which I still dearly love).
  7. Another slovene classics. Ne čakaj na maj- Don't wait for the May.
  8. Hej brigade, hitite! Hey brigades, hurry up!
  9. I love the lyrics. Could you publish the tune aswell?
  10. Another tune from the Nicola Piovani's movie soundtrack.
  11. 2002 version of Pinocchio, composer Nicola Piovani. Movie soundtrack:
  12. Italian television miniseries 1982 on Pinocchio. The beautiful song of Geppetto- the carpenter who made / father of Pinocchio. Funnily, as I was browsing for pictures I found out that in Disney version the old carpenter played a concertina. I have no intention to watch the Disney version since there is a masterpiece of Roberto Benigni from 2002 (Benigni played the role of Pinocchio) and now after 18 years on 20 December this year another version is coming out in which Benigni plays Geppetto.
  13. Another slovene classics. A pop song from the 60's. Lyrics very beautiful, see my amatorial translation: Among sincere people it never happens that a lie prevails. While among other people it is bad to confess too much. Since the dawn of this world such and such people lived. You get to know a person when he betrays you. But until then you know little. Among sincere people all things are simple like a clear-skied day. Yet there are some who find it boring if the world is harmonious. And if you think that it's boring if there is no lie go and follow it. Oh, might I tomorrow morning wake up among sincere people.
  14. Slovene classics- pop song from its golden era- the 60's.
  15. Now my son son he plays these stupid computer games and listens the so-called music in them. This music is of course total nuisance (as they lack taste these young generations IMHO). So I undertook and made a recording to be just for a few minutes a cool dad. The little pest says I shouldn't have omitted burps. Here you can listen 10-hours version of this tragic music:
  16. OMG, I had so much fun recording this piece! 😄
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