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  1. Another day, another tune 🙂 Original from movie Doctor Zhivago
  2. Welsh folk song. I prefer playing it a little faster. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ixugmfPUFr5TejJN7
  3. Now, this is an lovely and simple tune. Children's version: Freddie Mercury sang it in Budimpest in 86:
  4. Simply having fun...
  5. Not bad for a beginner i believe. I'm not done with you, you Handel, you old rascal!
  6. A song by the American music duo Simon & Garfunkel.
  7. 20 buttons suffice. I admit I need more practice ?
  8. I stumbled upon this lovely tune with interesting history. Written in 20th century inspired by a medieval icelandic text... My version is maybe a bit too hasty, I don't know: original:
  9. My contribution to this topic. I stumbled upon this tune only recently, although I think I've heard it before in my life and I fell suddenly in love with it.
  10. RAc, your right, I lose rhythm when my technique is insufficient. See my second recording. You must agree I'm getting better :-). The discipline works, you nailed it. One more thing- today this Wren concertina from McNeela was shipped to my door and this is the first tune I played on it. I find the instrument a decent "work horse" for someone who wants to learn. The Swan concertina from my upper video- I sent it today to Ireland to be repaired ?
  11. That's strange. Exactly the same with me. Today I sent my concertina to be repaired- one button stopped working ? Keep the good work and post your achievement! I would appreciate help with the left hand.
  12. I love it so much I had to learn it immediately. Of course it will take me some more practice to perfect it, but nevertheless- I'm very happy with this first siplest arrangement: In the attachment bellow- the original. Listen to it and in the very last second it gives away- the tune has been played on accordion- the passage with the finger sweeping over the keyboard- it's obvious. Hello sailor.mp3
  13. Possibly with a volume pedal... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2281981028729254&id=100007521360128
  14. Jerushalaim shel zahav Hava nagila oyfen pripitchik originals:
  15. Today passed away maybe one of the most importaint cinema and television composers of all times.
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