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  1. "Misinformed"? Is that aimed at me? How am I misinformed by merely stating that the Edgley concertina in question was not made by a child? Good luck with your search. nope. was aimed at myself. thankyou for the goodluck. Ah, thanks for the clarification!
  2. "Misinformed"? Is that aimed at me? How am I misinformed by merely stating that the Edgley concertina in question was not made by a child? Good luck with your search.
  3. Well that's odd - Borin1982 appears to have edited the post that my above reply was aimed at, where he commented about not being interested in a concertina made by a kid/child? Just commenting to add context because otherwise my above post seems a little odd!
  4. Um, I don't think that Edgley Professional was "made by a kid" - Frank Edgley is an older guy, so the concertina would have been made by his adult son in 2006....
  5. Someone just posted an Edgley Professional 30 button C/G with Wheatstone layout here a few posts below yours for $1695 I think - I'd be all over that one!
  6. Check out the videos over at The Button Box website, pretty sure they have some there that are G/D as well as C/G.
  7. Well I checked the buttons and all of them are sounding a note on the draw. I then took the ends off the Tedrow and checked for loose pads and all (to my novice eyes anyway) appears well. Last night (prior to my opening it up) I noticed that it just feels tough in general now to work the bellows, whether on the push or the draw. I've emailed the shop that did the work but know that they're closed at the weekend so don't expect a reply until Monday.
  8. Great, thanks Patrick, I'll give that a go!! You've all been so helpful I really appreciate it!
  9. Thanks Patrick - would that be something I'd be able to see if I took the ends off?
  10. Thanks David, I was wondering if it might be to do with the air button.
  11. Thanks Greg - they did use thicker pads for replacement, though they also mentioned that the adjusted the action as a result. I'll keep you posted on what I find out. Cheers, Jill
  12. Thanks for the reply Geoff. I don't think it's that I've strained my muscles - I'm a long time musician (tenor banjo, mandolin, drums) and very careful about overplaying/avoiding injuries due to repetition etc. I'll shoot Bob an email. Was just curious as to whether it was something other folks have experienced themselves.
  13. Hi folks, I'm new here and have a lovely Tedrow 30 button anglo that I purchased about a month ago. It had the pads replaced on it recently and the action adjusted. It was playing like a dream for the past fortnight but over the last day or so it seems like the bellows have become more difficult to move (reminding of the Rochelle I was playing before I got it), and sometimes on the pull the bellows will just stop - I've done a search in the archives but have been unable to find a thread related to this. I keep picking it up to play hoping I was imagining that the bellows have become stiffer but I really do think there's been a change in them - I'm new to the concertina world so haven't a clue as to what potential causes for this may be - is this a common thing?
  14. I just saw an ad for their "Vintage" model in Irish Music Magazine and it states that it has concertina reeds. I think their "Clare" model is the one with accordion reeds.
  15. Looking forward to it! Definitely planning on attending the Berkeley workshop/concert and going to try to get to the Nevada City one as well!
  16. I'm not having any issues accessing it using Safari, tried just now and not a bother.
  17. Hey all, I'm new to the concertina, though a long time musician (mandolin, tenor banjo, drums, guitar). Enjoying reading through all the posts here and getting some education about the instrument! I managed to find a second-hand Tedrow C/G Anglo, which just arrived today (I had been renting a Rochelle for the past 2 weeks). I've been doing the Ernestine Healy and Edel Fox lessons on OAIM, will be attending a Caitlín Nic Gabhann workshop next month and looking to find someone to do Skype lessons with as well. If you can't tell, I'm a wee bit obsessed! Off now to get to know the Tedrow better!
  18. Just got the XL version for concertina - I'm waiting for the arrival of my first concertina (should be here next Weds) and having fun learning scales with this app in the meantime!
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