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  1. Gadzouks

    Help to identify please

    The instrument is dated “ 1946” on the inside. I did have a chance to send off an inquiry on identification and restoration, along withe photos posted here, to “Concertina Connection”. The following is the respose I just received. Needless to say I will not be getting this instrument. Thanks to all, for your knowledge and insight. Much appreciated! Cheers Dale “It is not worth it.... It is a low end novelty concertina, (ca. $200 new). From what I see in the pics, there is at least $2400 in cost...” William Concertina Connection Inc. Wakker Concertinas
  2. Gadzouks

    Help to identify please

    The reason I asked .....was that.....I can pick this up locally( in person)for a very reasonable amt. What are the chances that one might be actually able to carefully dismantle and then restore? I’m in no hurry and would catalog ever move by photo. If nothing else.... I could end up with display piece.... I am told that all reeds work and are “mostly in tune”...lol Either way.... I will have the opportunity to look at it tomorrow and decide Cheers Dale
  3. This is an old (1946 ) concertina for major overhaul. Does anyone know what make it might be. Bellow ends are marked “Silver reeds “. There is no makers mark that I can see. 20 button ( with the majority missing ) ...Would this be something worthy of restoration? Thanks in advance... Dale in Eastern Canada