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  1. Nice and clean, no leaks, squeaks or sticky buttons for sale in the UK only. £2000 or px with adjustment for a really good used Tommy. Originally from Barleycorn and all perfect and done up before I obtained it about 3 years ago not a lot of use since then as I prefer playing the melodeon. Comes with a padded carry bag. You organise the post or pickup then you can get the one you prefer.
  2. A plot by the Hohner Vienna melodeons (pokerwork) to take over the world.
  3. Having just started to learn Cajun the first lesson was playing 2 octaves in scales at the same time. Yeh, no problem, skip that bit lets get some tunes going. Nothing happened, back to the first page and playing octaves in scales, over and over, until I could get them every time up and down ten times without a hitch, then the tunes started sounding right.
  4. If I want to have a go on any instrument that is new to me, my first task is to find and play the scale in the key that I would like to use. Then I can usually play a tune, perhaps not as good as I would like it. But another half an hour running up and down the scales and the tune gets better. I do not read music. Scales are very important to me. If somebody asks me how to play the concertina/melodeon I set them off on scales, It works so why mend it.
  5. Hardly used since I got it from Barleycorn a couple of years ago. All in good order and with a gig bag. It must have had a good overhaul when I purchased it and I suppose a couple of hours playing it since then leaves it as perfect as I got it. £2400.00 plus postage which is best if you arrange pickup and delivery from your most trusted carrier. Must be asking too much, so £2200.00. Any less I shall have to keep it.
  6. Hardly used as I got it last xmas and found it very easy to play, but just does not have the honk of an anglo which I prefer. These must be the easiest concertina system to learn. Now I am into a mega bucks melodeon which is what I play in the band and SWMBO says something has to go or else! Ideal if you need to a play along to a singer. As it will not overpower them and you can pick any key. Asking £450 plus £12 postage.
  7. There are tunes in my head, but I didn't even know they were there. Up early this morning to join the coltswold morris side dance in the May. After the rumpy pumpy of the Border Morris I usually play for it was a delight to join in with the Fieldtown tunes which I must have heard somewhere but two notes in and I was playing like I have known them forever.
  8. I am open to offers on this one. No serial numbers but I am led to believe it is an early one with the air button lever. It is a riveted action and as you can see from the pictures it has reasonably new pads and judging from the button pressures it has new springs as well, unless it was never used a lot. The buttons are squeaks and whistles etc. Also if you were to retune to a common tuning it would be worth a lot more than I was asking for it. A great traditional concertina at a price you would not even pay for a hybrid.
  9. sorry about this but I am not good at posting multi pictures on one post
  10. Plays nice and bright, nothing sticking or leaking. Just not being played so time to move it on. £1,750 plus shipping costs. I am not that keen on shipping across the world but if you can assist in advising me how to, I could be tempted to try. There is no case or bag with this instrument.
  11. All the extra 'holes' are screw holes around the edge and by the buttons and the centres of two floral decorations in the fretwork by the air button. Identical end pattern to my jones for the fretwork and gold embossing. We can now add another to the list. You wait for years for one to turn up, then 3 in a fortnight. I should think there are hundreds more, but people are mis-naming the maker as there is no trademark anywhere on a lot of them. They seem to be under rated instruments, but the metal enders are far more better sounding than lachenals and some wheatstones. The reeds are very good, I believe G Jones did make special reeds for his superior models.
  12. Pity you did not want more buttons I have a B/F# I am thinking of selling.
  13. I have the same with quotes. I thought it was something with windows 10 which came on my new pc
  14. Depends on what was changed before restoration. The wooden air lever is a different shape, gilding on his bellows is a lot brighter, and the end screws are more domed than mine. I expect Neil will pop up and let us know. It came to me in a roundabout way as a part exchange for another box I owned which the owner of the jones at the time was very keen on. I was going to use it to accompany my wife's singing but It is too noisy in my hands.
  15. Advice taken aboard Theo. First post edited, just in case somebody would like a singing instrument, provided they have a loud voice as she is a bit loud, more than likely an instrument used by the Sally bash, a very strident sound. Also I cannot find a number or makers name, just the trapdoor air valve which seems to be an unofficial trade mark for a Jones. Don't see many to compare it to.
  16. I quite agree, but there are, like me plenty of aspiring concertina players that have learned by the book in C/G we are not all virtuosos, they could stay at home like Billy No Mates and tinkle away to their selves on an obscure tuning or go out to a session and join in. Not all can afford the luxury of two boxes. I would love it to go to a person who would play it in that tuning, I don't think it will happen. How many have inquired after the Jeffries in that tuning? Do you think who ever purchases it will keep it that way. In a museum or displayed in a collection yes, but that would be an even bigger shame.
  17. Would there be any interest in a 38 button Jones, Looks like a load of work has been done on it and it plays well in the two scales, not sure about the accidentals as I have not really got my head around it, bellows are good. I know what it owes me so if anybody makes an offer near that I will sell it. It shows up as B/f# on my guitar tuner old tuning or standard I do not know but should be an easy retune for C/G or Bb/F.
  18. Lachenal G/D and Jones B/F# and all the bells and whistles ​
  19. Congratulations Johnnyace, I bet you could not believe how good they are when you first played it. You would have to go a long way to find the equivalent in a modern instrument. Not that the other are bad, but these give you the feeling what it was like to play when the old makes were new.
  20. Thanks for the reply, It does have a lovely sound, 38 button Jones , just a small tweek needed to get it completely airtight, but it plays well and it also looks as if it has had a bit of work done on it in the last few years. Starting a new group soon so I will have to get the singers to start practicing in Bf# until I find my way around it to play in other keys.
  21. I don't know the tolerances of reeds and what they would take to retune. But is it possible to re tune from Bb/f to G/d. At the moment it registers B/f# which I take as being in old pitch, just a query really as it will have to come up to concert pitch at X amount of pounds per reed, so I'm just wondering it it worth it for a keys I would not use normally.
  22. Oh well, a little reminder won't hurt. Should have gone to specsavers.
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