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  1. I am looking for the black with black felt. Didn‘t know that green is available. Black and green sounds very cool as well! I will ask them.
  2. Hi Devil, exactly my thoughts: - G/D - 31 buttons (first I thought a G drone would be nice, but after reading the discussion about "Drones" below I tend to a C/G button) - TAM reeds (first I thought that TAM reeds would soften the tone like real concertina reeds, but this is not the case and they will bring exactly the speed of response I am looking for) - 7 folds (currently I have 6 and in generell this is enough for me, but sometimes I need more air, so 7 would be good; 8 might have influence on the response again I think) - black design
  3. Hi Devils' Dream and kevodell, Morse has a dealer in UK, IRE and FR, but prices are nearly the same. Due to the fact that I want a bit customisation, I think I will order directly. David, thanks for your feedback. Sounds good.
  4. Updated some information from Marcus and Norman above. At the moment it seems so that Morse is the option to get a very good new instrument without a huge waiting time. And maybe for the future a Tedrow, Wolverton or Norman is the best option for an instrument with more customization.
  5. Hi RAc, Thanks for mentioning Alex Holden. I was on his website a few weeks ago and for me it seems so that he is still in a kind of prototyping phase, but this seems so that this isn't right any more. Unfortunately, I never heard one of his concertinas, but I will get in touch with him.
  6. Update to the manufactures after getting in touch with a couple of them... - Sevenmount Concertinas: No new orders at the moment - Tedrow: No new orders at the moment - Marcus: No real customizations possible; 7-8 month delivery time - Wolverton: Very nice sound and a very nice contact. 1 to 1,5 year delivery time at the moment - Morse: Nice sound and nice contact. Some small customizations possible. Shortes delivery times at the moment, but import from US to Germany means high tax. - Norman: Nearly everything is customizable (buttons and design) and the prices are fair. Very nice contact. Delivery time 1 to 1,5 years at the moment. - Edgley: Not contacted yet, sound seems not the one, I am looking for. - Irish Concertina Company: No G/D option. - Holden: Customization possible; sound closer to Suttner than to Stagi. 2 years delivery time.
  7. Hi LateToTheGame, I understand your thoughts, but I will stay with my concertina ? Before I've started to play concertina, exactly this was what I was considering whether a button box would fit, but my main goal was to reduce the size of an instrument. I'm playing syntheziser too and a button box is too big for me.
  8. Oh yes, practising in the car was also my answer to this question as I lived in a flat and with a concertina it went quite well ?
  9. Thanks Bill, thats great to hear. Using "growl" instead of "harsh" sounds absolutely fitting for what I am trying to describe.
  10. Hi, I want to take the next step and buy a new Anglo concertina. I'm playing a Stagi W 15 LN in G/D for couple of years now. Every time I attended a workshop the teacher told me that I am too good to play this instrument, because the response is too slow. But I like the sound of my Stagi. Yes, I like the sound, because it is a bit harsh and it fits to my music. I am playing a mixture of trad. Irish and also a lot of tunes humming out chords. The typical concertina sound is too soft and to shrill for me and too similar to a violin. I like the "distortion" of the Stagi. It feels like a rock organ (beside ITM I like 70th Rock and Punk, so I need this on my concertina too). What I am looking for? A concertina... ...in G/D ...with a harsh sound ...quick response ...up to 4000 € ...a bit customisation if possible (drone, button layout) ...black design (rock 'n' roll!) and customisable bellow papers (if possible) What do you think might match best to my search? - Sevenmount Concertinas (I really like these instruments, but Ralf doesn't take new orders at the moment) - Tedrow (as far as I have seen, this might be a good solution, but never played one) - Marcus (the design is a bit too standard, but the rest might fit) - Wolverton (heard some very nice sound samples) - Morse - Norman - Edgley (I have heard that they sound like Suttner's and what I absolutely don't like is the sound of a Suttner - sorry for this, its my opinion and I don't want to offend someone (its like eating Brussels sprouts)) - Irish Concertina Company Best, Michael
  11. If the world makes war, we have to make more music (Luka Bloom)

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