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  1. And this is why I asked here. beating, I would never have guessed as the opposite! Thanks to both Lukasz and Wolf for your help
  2. if we play a free reed instrument, what is the alternative? A fixed reed? And what would that be? Woodwinds? My clarinet playing father never heard a term other then woodwind. So, who knows?
  3. you might try robbies music on rt 46 in the wayne area, just east of willow brook mall.... if he's still there
  4. actually its been back since around 2000, it's refreshing, not sweet, it's that extra dry treat, But I'd rather have a Pabst
  5. whoo hoo! got mine today. First rate job Gary. Your effort is appreciated.
  6. Gary, you just made my day! just ordered mine and just finished WSAL. Now I have goober peas for the weekend. While I can't speak to non anglo players, I will say I felt the same way at first but once you start these tabs are by far the easiest to read. PS mister, here's your mule!
  7. Gary, let me start by saying Thank You for your work thus far. I love the first 2 books and am looking forward to this one as well. There is one problem, however, I haven't heard Goober Peas in 25 years, and now I can't get it out of my head. mmmmmm bald peanuts
  8. oops! sorry Greg, I forgot they recycle colors a lot, I should have given the number. The 630, the second one you listed is what you want, but since you brought it up the first one is a wicking thread locker that will "soak" between already assembled nuts and bolts. While I'm shooting my mouth off, I'll also point out Temps of 500F will break locktite, if you ever need to get it apart.
  9. Thanks to both of you for your replies. Dave, That made me chuckle. I found your book to be a good read, even to a Yankee machinist such as myself. Ive gotten the reed "better" but not good enough, and after 50+ tries! I'm getting tired of taking this thing apart, I'm guessing the pro's have some sort of bench tester. Hmmmm...
  10. Hi all, new to this forum and got a question about David Elliott's book. On page 14, in the troubleshooting charts the same cause is given for two different symtoms: Reed is fast to speak but muted, and Reed stalls on initial button press or if playing loudly. Both of these are listed as gap too small, but that can' be right, can it? Shouldn't the stalling reed be gap too big? I ask because this is the problem I am having with my Marcus and would like to open it up and have a look. Thanks, stevie
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