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  1. Well, this particular evil little tomcat has an interesting way of expressing disapproval....if he lives, I'll be more careful around him from now on. I'll open it up and see what's what in there. It seems better today, so maybe things aren't totally dire... Funny, I thought they were for making music! Nice to see that elitism isn't dead on this board! I wonder why I don't visit more....
  2. Okay, so my @#$*& cat pee'd on my Jackie...(stop that laughing, all of you!)...I've wiped the exterior woodwork with a damp cloth, and though the soft case took the brunt, it still smells "not so fresh" on the push. I can't imagine that anything was actually projected into the works, but probably took on the odor due to contact with the wetted bag's end. Is there any "approved" method of cleaning a concertina? I'm airing it out, but WHOOOO! any advice would be appreciated. (Braces himself for the inevitable ridicule and derision at being so careless).
  3. I love your Work! I'd love to see one of these as a life-size mural in a school music room, or other worthwhile venue! Keep posting!
  4. COOL! It matches my 1967 Memphis Les Paul copy!
  5. Then I guess it applies to me!! I'm the worst concertina player I've ever met!
  6. Are you saying that concertina playing causes Aids???? Long time no see! (Speak, Type, Whatever...)
  7. Also off topic, you're right, she is! And a very talented young woman as well!
  8. Alan's right....a nice lie down, a cold compress, and think of baseball statistics....
  9. When my wife expressed her approval at the idea, I shaved my head (not much loss up there anyway, and too young for a combover) but drew the line at losing my beard. I just don't feel properly dressed w/o a beard and glasses!
  10. My wife and her mom have a doll and children's clothes knitting business, and they LOVED the crocheted cover! That's very original and exremely well executed! You must be very creative!
  11. You could incorporate drawstrings into the ends, and make it even more weather-proof...for an additional charge, the customer could have one made with a small hole to fish the cable through for use of a MIDI concertina.... Q: what's a MIDI concertina cable made of??? A: Concertina wire, of course! (That was just for you, Jim!)
  12. Well, I sure didn't at the time! I'm glad I could plant the seed of an idea for you!
  13. Wendy: Have you considered other materials? I absolutely DESPISE ponchos, despite their practicality...You could use rip-stop nylon for light summer rains, and the "natural" alpaca wools, etc are both warm and waterproof if left unbleached (which strips the lanolin)...,most of the better knitting stores here carry it, and it would be cool for Christmas caroling! I have a knit cap in alpaca, and it is extremely warm and waterproof! I can see a budding niche industry forming!
  14. Ashkettle: Too much of any one thing smacks of a cult to me....embracing all points of view and exchanging ideas freely is central to a humanistic approach to culture, in my opinion. Besides, I LIKE the Pogues and the dropkick Murphys... you should also hear The Rugburns' song "Kilkenny Man" from their "Morning Wood" cd! That's as much an Irish reel as any I've heard! I'll eventually learn it when my skills improve. Greg
  15. I can attest that my Jackie is very well-built, has a nice, even tone, and plays reasonably well at all volumes. I'm very happy with it and consider it the best value for the money on the market. I will probably eventually order a Jack when my skills increase, and will have no hesitation in doing business with Mr. Wakker again! It has truly been a pleasure! Greg Knipe
  16. I like drifting....smoking tires, burning rubber...it's more performance art than racing (smiley wearing Nomex helmet liner) edited for lousy punctuation skills...
  17. You're just silly! Mine is a Dunlap....'cause it done lapped over my belt already! This one took me 3 times re-reading my own post to "get"....I must be low on coffe stil....
  18. I knew I liked you for a reason! I learned to drive in my dad's pair of mid-60's Minis, raced an MG midget in SCCA Sportsman class, and currently own a Triumph TR6, as well as an old Brit cycle. Ahh, the smell of old wood and leather, the sight of moonlight off that long, curved hood, the signature "dispeptic bumblebee" sound of the exhaust...it almost makes one forget what pigs those cars really are to drive! I love 'em...and hate 'em....depends on what's broken, and how expensive the ear-splitting noise it suddenly started making sounds.....
  19. It having been submerged in water, I stayed away from the phrase "spray bomb", and thought I was safe....perhaps a "Krylon Koncertina"????
  20. Sorry - I'm low on cash, and into immediate gratification....now pass me that rattle-can!!!
  21. All I can say is that I used to have a t-shirt that read: " Anyone can restore a classic car, but it takes takes real guts to chop one".
  22. Any racer will tell you, it ain't about size, it's about compression! My family's race cars pretty much either won or grenaded the motor.... when my father and uncle would race (SCCA - "D" productiuon) if they weren't in the first group of cars to complete lap 1, we'd just head for the infield hospital.... I would simply hope to not blow out a bellow or throw a button rod! PS - I'll order a punk concertina, if you'll make the ends flourescent green! Or, make it yellow buttons on a yellow end printed up with a smiley face! I'd buy that one!
  23. I guess I'm in the middle of the road here; Clive is right, if it's a museum piece you should put it in a museum; on the other hand, due care when playing is important to me as well...those bellows Clive is quoting are about $200 American...just $25 less than I paid for a brand new Jackie. Why would I bother? Slap the old box on Ebay, and order a new one! This same conflict is seen in the old car hobby - restorationists vs. modifiers...I always gave the same answer there, too. do what YOU like, and ignore the opinions of others. If you play it, it sounds good to you, it makes you happy,etc. then who cares what is "right?". "Right" and "Wrong" is subjective based on taste, opinion, and circumstance. Here and now, I side with preserving the bellows as much as possible. If, when I know more, I choose to build a "hotrod" concertina, I'll be proud of it and Stephen will be horrified, no doubt! I can see it now...flames painted on the end plates...
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