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Who are the concertina pros?

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Although I seem to be working full time at concertina related things, I havn't made a penny .What does that make me?

Answers on a postcard please.

Al rolleyes.gif




You seem to embody the true meaning of an 'amateur' an enthusist who does it for love of the concertina and not for gain.

In the old days they were often people of independent means, like 'gentlemen' sportsmaen asopposed to professionals or 'players' in cricket, nowadays they are likely to be pensionerssmile.gif or people who deliberately live low on the food chain to follow their interest, or have made a few bob and can now take it easier.

Just about sums me up Michael, but I would not want it any other way. I would never have wanted the worry of playing the concertina to enable me to pay my mortgage,food, petrol too and from gigs. I have spent many nights in hotels when I was selling and it is a very lonely life, particularly when you get back to your hotel room. JK always travels home at the end of a gig and I can understand why. The bits of excitement being successful on stage, the joy of a CD or record being well received, the wonderful music evenings etc I take the Amateur route every time. Now I have retired I have more time to play and practice as a professional would and sometimes wonder at just a few of my recordings and think, surely that cannot be me.There may be a few gigs in the pipeline so I may even have enough for a kebab on the way home.

Al B)

I feel Alan's sentiment.

in my 20's and 30"s I worked and made my living in show business and playing music. Then the family started and I needed to get off the road and begin building a more secure future. It is where having a national health system makes it easier for an artist to survive. Anyway, I made a choice about a year ago and started my own business. Now I can take the gig when I wish and find I really am having quite a time of it. However, I prefer a pint to a kabob.


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