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Summer Time

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Hello, friends!


I didn't post a message two months ago. Summer time is a very hard time for my because I have a lot of work, and I have no time for read and post in the forums. But summer time is ending, and you will see here often than last two months.


Here, in Spain, summer time is a time of folk music too. I have been playing gaita charra y tamboril (three hole pipe and tabor) in several places.


About the concertina, I played her in public first time last 22th Agoust. It was in a big pic-nic in a place called Río Frío, in Villasrubias (Salamanca, Spain). There was several accordions, two "tamborilerus" (including me) and... my concertina! I played two or three themes and they loved it! That was a wonderful day and a wonderful party.


Unfortunately, I have no photos, and I have no videos of my "concert". I only have photos of the other players.

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Yes, it's possible. It seems the same instrument, with another name.


GALOUBET in Provence (France)

GAITA CHARRA in Salamanca (Spain)

GAITA in Extremadura (Spain)

CHIFLA or CHIFLU in León (Spain)

TXISTU in the Basque Country (Spain)



This instrument has a lot of names!

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