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Paul Hardy's Sessions Tunebook

Pete Dunk

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I've also decided to only change the main tunebook once a year, so there is now an 'Annex Tunebook' as a suplement (and a 'Possible Tunebook').


As always, corrections gratefully received - particularly any comments on the chords, which are often based on what abcmus thinks (which isn't always sane) - I try and make them work, but I'm not a chord-instrument guru.


Thanks for all your hard work Paul. I've long since downloaded your book and the abc files. Truly a nice labor of love. Given your comments about chords I'll take a look through things to see if I notice anything. And, I'd highly recommend you leave the Tunebook in some format and then and a second one (or a supplement or whatever you choose to call it). Otherwise those of us who've gotten onve version or another will never be sure what we have and so various versions will start to exist adding confusion for everyone (except you of course!)


Chuck Boody

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In the unlikely circumstance that anyone was thinking of buying a nicely printed and bound copy of Paul Hardy's Session tunebook in the near future, Lulu.com has an offer of a 15% discount on the shiny new 2010 version at http://www.lulu.com/...il_BEACHREAD305 - enter discount code BEACHREAD305 at checkout. Valid to 15 August I believe. Feel free to pass on to anyone you feel might be interested.


I've missed out on the discount but at around £10.00 but it's still a great bargain for a properly printed copy. I'm about to go off on holiday for a week or three but I'll be ordering a copy when I get back. Many thanks for all of your hard work Paul, I printed off all of the tunebook some time ago but it will be so much nicer to have it properly bound and sitting on the bookshelf amongst the other great collections I am privileged to have.



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Another year has gone round, and it is time for the shiny, exciting 2011 edition of Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook!


As before, this is available for free download in printable PDF and playable abc formats from http://www.pghardy.net. It is also available in printed form - spiral-bound and shiny-covered , from Lulu.com (details on the same web site).


The good news is that although it contains more tunes (now 367 I think, so you can play a different one every day of the year!), I have tidied the formatting and Lulu has reduced its printing rates significantly, so the new edition from Lulu is only £6 (+p&p) rather than the previous £10.


For those people who bought the previous edition, a 2010 Annex is available in PDF from the web site with just the extra tunes, to bring it up to date.


Comments welcomed.



Paul Hardy

Email: paul@paulhardy.net, web: www.pghardy.net

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Amazing Value. More than 350 tunes all in one place - would cost you more than £6 just to print it off yourself. Also very handy is Paul's 'Crib sheet' (downloadable) which is just the first couple of bars of the A music as an 'aide memoir'.... ideal for those of us who struggle to remember how a tune starts!


Thank you Paul for this very welcome update.



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I've uploaded and released the 2013 edition of Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook, at http://www.paulhardy.net/concertina/tunebooks/. It's there as ABC or PDF files for free download, or you can order a nicely printed and spiral bound copy from there - only £7, even though its now some 450 tunes with chords (Lulu reduced its per page prices again).


For those people who bought or printed out the 2011 or 2012 editions, there are also links to the Annex Tunebooks, which you can print out and splice into the back of your old copy to bring it up to date(ish). I've also updated my 'Crib Sheet' which has just the first few bars of each tune (in A4 and A5 formats).

For those people into 'Apps' on iPads etc, the PDF files are quite readable in "ForScore", and the ABC file works well in "Tunebook" and in "the Craic".


For those who are not into Apps, but are PC-based, then there is also a link there to a page on how to use free ABCExplorer or EasyABC software to read the abc, display the 'dots' and play the tune to you, complete with a slider to slow any tune down to play along with while learning.


Happy reading and squeezing!

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