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Stagi W15ln

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I am fairly new to the concertina, starting with a 20 button Klingenthal. I would like to move to 30 button and am looking at the Stagi W15LN. Does anyone have experince with this model and how does it compare to the other W15 models? Any other suggestions for a 30 button?

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Hi :)


My first concertina was a borrowed 20 button Klingenthal in D/A. I then moved up to a Stagi W15LN 30 button C/G, which until September last year, was my main concertina.


I really like the Stagi W15LN. It is a good steady first 30 button, I like the sound, although it can be a little honky in the top end (the top octave on the right hand side).


I found the action on mine a little stiff (it was only six month old when I bought it, and had only been played once or twice), and like any instrument will soften up a little over time, although I don't know how long this would take.


Overall I recommend the W15LN as good first 30 button. :)


Side Note: I do agree with the comment that is often made, that it is a good idea to buy the best quality instrument you can afford.


I bought a gorgeous Norman 30 Button C/G Anglo last September, which I adore, but there was no way I could have afforded it when I first started out. The Stagi held me in good stead and I really enjoyed playing it. It was only by chance that I came across the Norman whilst on holiday in Ireland, otherwise I would be still happily playing the Stagi. :)


Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or would like further feedback.



Morgana :D

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I had played one for two years until recently moving up. I would agree with the previous comments. It is what it is and not bad for that price range. I had some trouble reaching the air button. I used a little black tape and a piece of popsicle stick to make a lever over it for access. It worked fine and I did not permanently alter the box. I was able to get $450 for it and felt that was a good return.

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