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  1. dbowers

    Buffering Music Downloads - Help !

    You might also want to try an accelerator program. They can greatly decrease download times. I use DAP+, whcih can be obtained here.
  2. dbowers

    Concertina Clip Art?

    Unless you're planning to sell whatever it is, you're pretty much free to use most images. The copyright holder has two avenues of recourse, given that he catches you: 1) a cease and desist order, or 2) suing you for the profits earned by your illicit use of the copyrighted image. As a result, few copyright holders will bother to pursue non-commercial use of an image. Some years ago, my wife (who is a screen printer) bought a t-shirt with a bootleg Looney Toons image on it from a guy who was hawking them by the hundreds at a local parade and sent it on to Warner Bros. enforcement department. They were so unconcered about the whole thing they didn't even bother to reimburse her for the cost of the shirt. It seems that, unless your selling tens of thousands of bootleg items, the cost of suing far exceeds any possible award. Trademarks are another ball of wax and tend to be ferociously defended (especially the well-known ones).
  3. dbowers

    Incredible Thank You Note

    I can't add much to Perry's review. The concert was wonderful. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do much socializing, since I had a very tired wife in tow. Tom and Jody Kruskal opened up whole new vistas for me. This was my first exposure to the English style --I came to the concertina via Irish music -- and I expect I'll be working on learning it.
  4. To compensate for your fall from grace, I've just traded my Saltarelle B/C box in on a new Morse Céilí.
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  6. dbowers


    Attribution is often a non-trivial matter. For instance, in the case of the Child ballads, Child only collected the words. Paul Stookey may have written or adapted the particular melody in question. Or consider "Danny Boy" a.k.a. "Londonderry Air". I know of at least 3 sets of lyrics from F.E. Weatherly's "Danny Boy" to a saccharine Victorian love-song by Thomas Moore (who wrote "The Minstrel Boy") and it appears there are many, many more. The melody is even more problematical. It was sent to collector George Petrie by a Miss Jane Ross who claimed it was very old. She may have collected it or written it herself. No one knows. You can read the whole story here. I personally consider all attributions to be at least a little suspect, unless someone can show me a copyright.
  7. dbowers


    It wasn't music related, but at a 5 day business conference my roomate annouced on day 2 that he was moving out because of my snoring. This after he stumbled in dead drunk at 2 AM, knocked over a chair, vomited loudly in the bathroom and then fell headfirst into the closet!
  8. dbowers

    Playing In Your Mind

    But with proper, ergonomically-correct handles....
  9. dbowers

    Ashokan Farewell

    "Ashokan Farewell" is indeed a really lovely tune. Does anyone klnow its history -- written by whom, when, etc?
  10. dbowers

    Stagi W15ln

    It depends on your financial resources. I went from a Klingenthaler to a Morse Ceili. It's a fine squeeze, but more than twice the price of the Stagi.
  11. dbowers

    Descriptive Analogies

    The Edsel was the product of the largest market research project the automotive industry had ever undertaken. The study indicated that Americans were looking for a very large, posh machine. Unfortunatley, the study took sop long to complete and analyze that the market had changed in the interim -- toward a preference for smaller cars. Oops.
  12. dbowers

    Looking For A Good Sea Shanty

    The movie "Popeye" with Robin Williams was made over 20 years ago. My, don't time fly!
  13. dbowers

    Dilapidated William

    A worn-out version of "Constant Billy"?
  14. dbowers

    Looking For A Good Sea Shanty

    My first choice would be "Sixteen Men on a Dead Man's Chest". If you want something livelier, "The Maid of Amsterdam" works nicely on 'tina. "Way, Haul Away!" is also good and you should be able to find a few non-objectionable verses.