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Reed Problem:reed Plays But W/high Pitch Metallic

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Hello folks


My Wheatstone (early 1930's) has a very nice clear and sweet tone consistently on almost all the notes but not all.


A few notes have a high frequency metallic aspect to their tone. It is subtle but I can hear it and notice it. I can compare the two Bs (G row #4 on the push..and the C row #6 on the pull). The B on the pull has a metallic edge to it that is very distressing. Also that note is noticebly lower in volume. the response is good though.


The same is true for my G row (#5 D on the push).


Since the same notes on the other side have a nice tone could I assume both reeds should sound the same, symmetrical, and could this be a problem that is fixable?


Another problem is that two other notes are noticeably louder. their tone is nice but they stand out too much. The notes are the G row G and B on the push (#3 & #4). Can this be adjusted?


How adjustable are the reeds and the sound they make?


Does one have to accept the less than perfect notes on a good instrument?


Is it inevitable that every concertina will have its ideosynchrises, strengths and weak spots?


I would appreciate any advice.


Thanks a lot,


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Sounds like a good repairer could make a substantial improvement in your instrument.


The metallic noise may be as simple as something caught in the reed, a small piece of dust, etc. It may also be the reed frame is loose in the reedpan, and the one with the reduced volume sounds like it may be like this, although the report of a good response would suggest otherwise.


If you are comfortable taking the end off, you could trace the reeds that you are unhappy with and check they are seated OK and free from dust. This may cure most of your reported problems. If you are hesitant Dave Elliot's book would hold your hand. Dave's book


It may also be the tongues are touching their frames. This is an easy thing to adjust for a repairer, but not so easy for the uninitiated. Also, the louder notes may need more subtle adjustment, again best left to the initiated.


In general, yes your concertina can be made whole again, and on such an instrument you can expect there to be no horrible notes.





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