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Errata In Contemplating The Concertina

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FOLKS: as threatened some time ago: here is a list of errors (and corrections) for CONTEMPLATING THE CONCERTINA (i do not include run-of-the-mill typos; i use the following system to designate pitch: middle C = c'. . . an octave higher = c''. . . .and so on):


p. 24: something went awry with the foonotes here. . . .footnote 21 is where it should be. . . . .footnote 22 ended up in the caption for Ex. 3.13 on page 26. . . moreover it should read footnote 23. . . . .meanwhile, footnote 23 back on page 24 should read footnote 22. . . . I EVEN KNOW HOW THAT HAPPENED. . . . .when Ex. 3.13 was moved for spacing reasons, it took its foonote with it and renumbered it because it went to a later position. . . . .



p. 39: measure 6: add an arrow pointing to the right for the bellows


p. 45: Ex. 5.5b, measure 7: delete the note e'' in the last sonority; the only note should be the c''


p. 67: Ex. 6.10: measure 13: the one fingering that's given should be L1

measure 14: the second fingering offered should read L1*

measure 16: the proper fingering is 1


p. 77/note 12: the citation should read ICANL, 127. . . supplement, pp. 1-8. . . .at any rate, that article is now available at http://www.maccann-duet.com


OUT OF CURIOSITY: now that the tutor has been out there for a few months, i'd certainly appreciate any feedback--good, bad, or someplace in between--that anyone might be willing to share....................Allan

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Thanks, I just printed that so I can stick it inside the book.


Your book is really great, and I think I could study it forever and keep learning something new.


I am not (usually) one to read a book cover-to-cover all in order; I usually pick out short sections to 'contemplate,' which I've done.


I seem to somehow find the chapters or pages I need for what I'm working on at the time....fingering, bellows shake, etc.


English concertina players, if you have any questions, they're dealt with in Allan's book!

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Note to all, I was supposed to put this up on a dedicated page a while ago, though this latest list is longer than the one I had. Will add it to my to-do list, and maybe we (or one of you?) can format it in some printable format (pdf would be great though I don't own the full-blown Adobe Acrobat file maker; anyone else?).

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Looks great, thank you so much.


I note that when I open it my software tells me I can read or print, but cannot copy any text without a password. It looks like this file is generated by the Invision software here. Does anyone know if it is possible to reformat to allow copying of text also (my impression is this is Alan's intention)? I will wait before transferring this to the Learning pages in case someone knows how to make a modification to this file.


BTW, one other thing. If this changes (say, another item is added to the text) PLEASE let me know by email so I can revise the copy on the static C.net pages. I'm supposed to know what is going on and don't have time to read everything (e.g. I got two summer school dates to add to that page the day after I posted it) and want to keep it all current here for our new visitors with (vanity!) the least effort possible. :blink: Thanks everyone, your efforts help us a lot here.

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Hi, Ken,


I use FinePrint pdfFactoryPro to make PDFs. I had my security settings 'on', which I usually (and did) have set for printing only, no copying text, etc..


I can change that and post another PDF...but, first I'll have to figure out how to get a nice copy but without the added on posts in this topic.


it's probably easy to do, but, I haven't had a cup of coffee yet, this morning, so....


I'll be back after that! :D


(I print everything this way, as PDFs -- I don't have a printer on my computer. I send my copies to my husband's computer to print them -- he has the printer!)

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The previous PDF is fine for just printing a copy. If you want to make any changes to the PDF, or copy sections of it, here is a new, 'security-free' PDF -- taken from using the 'QUOTE' box (so I wouldn't have to include the entire thread):


(I THINK this will work!?)

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