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Are accordion kits really available?

As Theo mentioned, Hohner did bring out a kit to build a small piano accordion some years ago, but I don't think it ever met with much success, as witnessed by some being sold off on eBay recently. The only kit I'm aware of at present is the Polverini one to build a Cajun accordion: http://www.polverini.com/6%20cajun/cajun.html

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I think the comments regarding actually finishing the project and also being able to tune it are quite valid. There is quite a bit of skill required to put the kit together that I saw posted earlier in this thread.....at least from the looks of it. Also, there is the issue of the reeds. While it is one thing to tune all the reeds, it is another to make sure they all respond acceptibly. I also did not see anything mentioned about a tuning jig. Without one, it becomes a very laborious task to tune an instrument.

I have considered offering a kit, and would do so if there was sufficient demand. But concertinas are still very much a niche market, and a concertina kit market would be even more so. There is also the matter of reputation. Realising the varied skill levels of potential kit builders, do I really want instruments out in public which may or may not be, "up to snuff," either in terms of fit & finish, tuning, or playability? This is not to say that there is no one out there who could do a very good job. But what about those who might find the task too much? At the very least, any kit I would offer would be partially assembled i.e. body and reedpan, bellows frames etc. This would eliminate the need for proper gluing up fixtures, important in assembling a symmetrical product. So far, I am not convinced that this is a route I would like to travel.

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