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What Are The Various Ways To Hold A Concertina?

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...that is precisely what i say in my own tutor. . . . that there is NO such thing as a correct way to hold the instrument. . . . .

Allan, I'm putting on my "linguistic pedant" (:)) cap for a moment to clarify what I'm sure you meant:


There are indeed many correct ways to hold a concertina.

What there is not is one and only one "correct" way.


I'm sure you didn't mean that there is "NO... correct way to hold the instrument." :)


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JIM: you're quite correct. . . .and there's nothing at all pedantic about it. . . . . .in fact, i did not quote myself precisely. . . . .what i write in the tutor (p. 11) is this:


"There is not--and there never has been (I assume that neither Chidley nor Warren led a mid-century revolution)--one way and one way only [emphasis added] to hold the concertina. . ."



i think that's what you'd like. . . . . .allan

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