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  1. OK, I was able to check this with an electronic tuner today and according to it, all keys are a half-step sharp. The shop owner did warn me that the electronic tuner, while great for stringed instruments, might not work well for this instrument. SO, what do I do? 1. Make everyone I play with tune to me and avoid playing with keyboardists and other non-tuneables? 2. Travel great distances to new places and have a a Great Concertina Wizard adjust the tuning? 3. Learn to play with idiosyncratic fingering (and not be able to play some chords the way I'd like)? Anyone else have a similar problem with their 'tinas? Again, thanks!
  2. Hello! I've obtained the "standard" button layout for this 46 key instrument online but the notes don't seem to match when I play corresponding notes on my electronic keyboard. Is there an alternate layout? Is it possible the restoration work mis-tuned the instrument? I suppose the most accurate way to determine actual tuning is to us an electronic tuner as my ear is not that accurate. Thanks again!
  3. Is there a "correct" way or does everyone go their own way? I'm a new owner of a MacCann Lachenal 46 key duet, if that makes a difference. Thank you so much!
  4. I've done a bit of searching here and on concertina.com to no avail. It would be a helpful compilation for us, wouldn't it? Many, many thanks for helpful replies!
  5. The Hohner Ariette button accordion is used for that Cajun sound and I've heard it's quite nice, a good beginner's instrument; it's a little over $200. Just thought: nice melodicas can be had for less than $100 and the sound is in the same sound family (well, maybe a kissin' cousin of the accordian/concertina clan; yes, it plays chords and melodies simultaneously.
  6. My first post here! I'm waiting for my concertina to arrive after an Ebay win. From reading the posts here, it sounds like many/most of you are in the UK; I'm in the States. My current hobbies: keyboard: resurrected after many years' hiatus from piano; playing blues, ragtime, tangos, cajun, classical, etc. etc. I have a Yamaha DGX305 that I like very much. jewelry: beaded necklaces and earrings birds: 3 cockatiels, 1 parrotlet whose feather picking problem I'm constantly looking for a solution for drawing: only once a week with a friend--we go to a coffeehouse or the art museum and sketch unsuspecting victims, rather poorly on my part but it's fun literacy tutoring: but I'm stopping this after my first 2 students made more money than I do and I'm not enjoying it much; when I get better musically I think I may channel my volunteer energies to playing in hospices and nursing homes reading: magazines, novels, general interest non-fiction celiac disease and food intolerance: learning about these, adjusting diet to feel better dvd's and favorite shows on tv want to learn: contradancing and maybe harmonica and start playing with other people Nice topic! What a great versatile group there is here.
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