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Hi there,


A friend of mine, asked me to play a song during his wedding ...

I would like to play a French song ( La vie en rose - Piaf ), and I'm using G.coover's tablature.

While I wrote numbers etc, I figured out that I "miss" a note with the reedmap.

How would you arranged it ? 


I linked the sheet (I wrote a "?" just above the F missing,

and the reedmap of my Anglo.






Thanks, take care,



Bastien From France ! 

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Bonjour Bastien!


I would suggest left hand #6 on the push which keeps the phrase nice and smooth, but if that's too much of a reach you can do button #2 on the pull.


Best of luck on the arrangement and playing at the wedding. Bon chance, mes ami!






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For some reason this tune captured my attention today, and I ended up tabbing out the whole thing. I did it pretty quickly, so double check for transcription errors on my part. Like Gary already pointed out, there are multiple options, and I picked buttons that I felt helped the phrasing as much as possible, but it's not the only way or even the "right" way. If you find my choices awkward or hard to play consistently, pick something that works for you.

La Vie En Rose.pdf La Vie En Rose.mscz

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I just noticed that the button map you posted appears to be for a (modified?) Jeffries layout. If that's what you're playing, there are a couple uses of the right hand 2a button in my tablature that you'll have to replace, since I'm using the Wheatstone layout.

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Thanks both of you, I will try it as well, yes this song IS pretty famous in France. 


Yep this IS thé roadmap that irishconcertina send me ! 



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