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75 More Irish Session Tunes for Anglo Concertina - out now

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Just barely in time for St. Patrick's Day, the long-awaited 75 More Irish Session Tunes for Anglo Concertina is finally out in paperback and Kindle!


With regular music notation and the same button number tab system as the previous session tune book (and other Rollston Press books), but this time every tune has the benefit of being reviewed by Irish concertina master Ernestine Healy who has gone through every tune and made edits and suggestions as to how to play it in true Irish style. 



The Ashplant, Ballydesmond Polka #2, Bank of Ireland, Bantry Bay, Behind the Haystack, Blind Mary (Mhaire Dhall), Brosna Slide, Castle Kelly, Coleraine, Concertina Reel, Cup of Tea, Dennis Murphy’s Slide, Dingle Regatta, Drops of Brandy, Farewell to Ireland, Fig for a Kiss, The Flowing Tide, Foxhunter’s Jig, Glass of Beer, Green Fields of America, Harvest Home, High Reel, Humours of Tulla, Inisheer, The Irish Mazurka, John Egan’s, Killavil Postman, Kitty’s Wedding, Little Diamond, Londonderry Air, Love Will You Marry Me, Maid in the Meadow       , Maid of Mount Kisco, Mairi’s Wedding, Minstrel Boy, Miss Monaghan, Morning Dew, Murroe Polka, Music in the Glen, Musical Priest, Ned of the Hill, O’Keefe’s Slide, Off to California, Old Concertina Reel, Old Torn Petticoat, The Orphan, Over the Moor to Maggie, Paddy Fahey’s #1, Parnell’s March, Pigeon on the Gate, Planxty Charles Coote, Planxty Irwin, Rakes of Kildare, Rakish Paddy, Riding on a Load of Hay, Saddle the Pony, The Scholar, Ship in Full Sail, Ships Are Sailing, Silver Spire, Sixpenny Money, Smash the Windows, South Wind, St. Anne’s Reel, Star Above the Garter, Star of Munster, Swallowtail Jig, Swallowtail Reel, Swinging on a Gate, Tenpenny Bit, Terry Teahan’s, Tobin’s Favorite, Tom Sullivan’s Polka, Top of Cork Road (Father O’Flynn), Trip to Sligo, Walsh’s Hornpipe.


It's currently available from Red Cow Music (UK), McNeela Music (Ireland), and Amazon.


Since Ernestine is originally from County Mayo, attached is a sample from the book: "Rakes of Kildare" which likely came from Westport in County Mayo.





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Have the first book. Excellent! Will get this too.

Gary, have you seen 'Walton's ; 110 Irish Concertina Tunes Vol 1 by Aogan Lynch' ?

It is for Anglo, BTW, but lacks a Tab.

How about working those into your series on Irish Anglo Tunes?


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