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Two English Concertinas

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I've been given two English Concertinas that have been sitting in a cupboard for 30 years or more.

They aren't of any great value but bellows are good and they almost play well. Some new valves and a little retuning appears to be all that's required.

One however was bit more wheezy and one action board is cracked in quite a few places. I'm tempted to rub PVA into the cracks as this is a part that shouldn't have a join in it anyway . 

Any reason why I should do something else?

IMG_two concertinas.jpg

IMG_action board1.jpg

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Don’t use pva as it’s almost impossible to remove, and is difficult to glue over successfully later on, if the need arises. I would use liquid hide glue by Titebond. 

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Good advice.

Make sure the edges of the cracks are not displaced up or down before gluing. Clamping to a flat surface is one option. Pva will creep over time so displaced cracks that have been clamped in position while gluing may move again.  Hide glue and other protein base glued like rabbit skin, or fish glue are not subject to creep.

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