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Crowley’s Reel


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I’m working on a two part reel called “Crowleys Reel”, which I’m sure most of you are familiar with, although I’m not! I’ve always heard a tune by the name of “Master Crowleys Reel” but “Crowleys Reel” is much different and new to me! I love the tune but I’m having trouble finding recordings of it on YouTube! Do any of you play it and if so could you post a recording?! Cheers! I play a Mcneela Anglo c/d.

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There are seven settings of a tune called Crowley’s Reel on thesession.org, here, as well as information about 77 recordings of this tune. If this is the tune you’re after (I never heard of it either) click the “Play Audio” button under any of the settings and you’ll get your sound file.

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There are Master Crowley's reels 1+2, E minor, the first is often played in D though.  The second is also called the Roscommon reel.


Then there are Crowley's reels 1+2, no qualifier.  If you look these up on the Session (Dave provided the link to Crowley's #1) you'll find all the instances of those tunes on recordings.  Looking on YouTube for 'Crowley's reels' will turn up clips, too

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