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Whitby Folk Week UK 20th to 26th August 2022


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On the beautiful North Yorkshire Coast  Whitby Folk Week   lots for all the family to enjoy  😀
  It will be lovely to see people in real life though getting used to being "social" again does feel rather strange and I'll be carrying a mask + hand gel and testing before events just to be prudent.
  when the programme comes out I'll put up a potted list of Concertina friendly events to give people a flavour of what there is going on .... also links to bus timetables etc. 
  One of the most important things to look at if you're coming are the tide times, the sea comes in all the way to the cliff so please check before strolling on the sands, it saves getting a lift in the lifeboat    here's a link to   Whitby Lifeboat Station which has all the information on tides, weather etc. as well as an excellent webcam up the harbour  🙂

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Ahhh Whitby!  Had many holidays there in past [with mum and dad].. Sands End, the mysterious Abbey on the lofty cliff.  Fish and chips [ and a room nearby in an old terrace house to holiday within] And one thing curiously always remember was a strangely weird looking dried fish [ with human like features}..hanging up on display in a fish shop on the old side of town [but that's another story]!  Hope festival all goes well !

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