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Joli Rouge (Anglo Concertina)


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Hello again,

Been working on an arrangement for Joli Rouge by The Dreadnoughts. Used this resource as my staring point, but had to change the key and some of the chords to make it fit better on my C/G concertina.


A link to the Musescore page for the sheet music can found here: https://musescore.com/user/37659330/scores/7233075


As always big shout out to the G-Meister (Gary Coover) for his tablature system and books. Slowly working though his Christmas tunes book jusnow.

This time around I have added a recording of me playing the song - albeit, poorly. Am still learning it, so it's not the best, but I was keen to share with you all. I thought the image was appropriate, as it is the entry level concertina I am currently using XD

Have a good day,




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